(VIDEO) – Car Hoppers Ransack South Side Neighbourhood


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another common occurrence in town happened over night. “Car Hoppers” are a increasingly concerning issue that surrounds the Thunder Bay and surrounding region.
A south side neighbourhood near Donald Street fell victim to a group of car hoppers that were checking vehicles and yards for any property worth stealing.
A “car hopper” is someone who hops car-to-car, checking if doors are unlocked and if any personal items left in the vehicle are worth taking.
Often times these criminals will smash out windows if they see something inside the vehicle worth taking. It is always best practise and recommended to remove all items of value from your vehicle before locking it up. Never leave anything in your vehicle that is of value.
These “crimes of opportunity” are almost always driven by an out of control addiction to either drugs or alcohol. These social issues are spiraling out of control in Thunder Bay, surrounding region and nationally. Thunder Bay Police Service officers work hard trying to arrest these criminals.
If you have a video of car hoppers or any other criminal activity, please contact us via email at tips@trcctb.com. Below is the video:


7 Replies to “(VIDEO) – Car Hoppers Ransack South Side Neighbourhood”

  1. I agree, I’d like to catch one of these little puke wanna be humans!! I guarantee it would be eating out of a straw for the rest of its existence!!

  2. Paintball gun ,hurts like hell , nonpermanent damage ,marks the peeps up for Johnny law to ID after they flew the scene.
    Just saying

  3. A surprise reception with a Louisville Slugger, beat the creep senseless and have a good story for the cops explaining how you were attacked.

  4. Lol these arent drug addicts looking for a fix. These are teenagers doig what teenagers do. Done this countless times when I was a prick in highschool way back. Sheerly for the thrill of getting chased or the cops coming to chase us. Hardly ever get anything of value.

    1. You should come spend some time in the courthouse and watch. I have yet to see a single car hopper being an innocent teenager just causing trouble. Every single one of them has been addicts looking for the means to obtain their next fix.

  5. 2 assholes for the price of one.
    Cops are right, there is a lookout from time to time.
    You need 2 baseball bats. One for each of them.

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