(VIDEO) – Car Hoppers Hit Same Neighbourhood Two Days in a Row


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – For the second day in a row, a family residence and neighbourhood has been devastated as door checks and lurks in yards were executed.
A “Car Hopper” is a criminal slimeball that lurks in and around innocent people’s yard, seeking anything they find of value. They then steal the items, often to exchange for drugs or alcohol.
This incident unfolded in the Donald Street area near Edgewater park around 5:00 am. Today, is a new car hopper from yesterday. The residents in the area say this is a common occurrence and not new to the area.
Car hopping is not a new activity in any part of the city. I cannot think of any area of town, other than isolated outskirts, that have not fallen victim to car hopping.
The homeowner called police when they noticed the video footage their camera captured. An online report was filed and the evidence was emailed. Police requested only still shots from the video, not the entire video. One can assume that they are busy to the extent that watching a short video takes too much time out of their already work-packed shift. Thunder Bay is in dire need of a bunch of more police officers.
Below is the video:



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  1. time to cut their hands off like the middle east….no hands …no crime…I know ,,,this won’t be posted…fine…

    1. But Bill……
      How would they pick up their welfare checks or ever find a job with no hands. We got to think this stuff through…. 🙂

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