VIDEO – Car Hopper Strikes Northwood


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Owning a surveillance camera and having it pointed at your vehicles while they rest overnight is basically a necessity to life in Thunder Bay these days.

We had yet another video submitted to us that shows a car hopper in action.

A “car hopper” is someone that lurks neighbourhoods, usually at night. They check vehicles handles to see if they are locked. If they are not locked, they will rummage through the vehicle and take anything they find of value. Most often perpetrators of this crime have lost control of an addiction and are seeking anything to get their next “fiix”.

If the vehicle is locked but they can see something of value through thte window, they will often smash a window to retrieve the item.

Forgetting to empty your vehicle of all items of value before entering your home and/or forgetting to lock your vehicle, even just once, means you are at a substantial risk of being victimized.

”Just a reminder to everyone; lock your car doors as these bastards are everywhere now and brash – security lights flashing and he kept going! This is the Northwood area.” – Jay D.

If you have a video of a car hopper or other criminal in action, send it in to us via 807-355-8917 or by email at Below is the video of a car hopper hitting the Northwood area. Video credit: Jay D.


4 Replies to “VIDEO – Car Hopper Strikes Northwood”

  1. Wouldn’t it be a surprise if someone put a particularly nasty guard dog in their vehicle and left the doors unlocked!

  2. They just smashed my window out on my truck on Donald st. But the eye in the sky camera has them after I reported it to police. The get away driver was in a white half ton.

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