VIDEO – Car Hopper Hits Pay Dirt


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s no secret how deep Thunder Bay is in regards to crime driven by out of control addictions. Last night, yet another citizen has fallen victim to someone likely seeking their next fix.

This incident took place in the Edgewater area of town. A “car hopper” managed to find a car door that was open and rifled through the contents of the vehicle. The owner of the car states that they are very vigilant when it comes to locking their vehicles before entering the home, but as is human nature, mistakes were made and a criminal capitalized on the situation.

A “car hopper” is a certain type of criminal slime that lurks around most often under the cover of night, testing car doors to see if they can gain access. If they find a vehicle unlocked, they will go through the contents of the vehicle and remove whatever they believe is of value. It’s happened where a car is locked, but an item of value is visible from the outside of the car and the car-hopper busted a window to get the object.

The car-hopping slimeball made off with a jacket and $1.25 in change from this incident.

TRCC News and our anonymous source who supplied the footage would like to remind the public to lock your doors when exiting your vehicle. All it takes is one slip up of not remembering, and you too can become a victim of this slimey crime of opportunity. Car hopping is a daily/nightly occurrence in absolutely every area of Thunder Bay, there is no place immune to the issue.

Below is the video.



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  1. This person has posted several videos of his vehicles being checked. I’d wait up for when the creep returns and confront him

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