VIDEO – Car Hopper Hits Northwood Overnight


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Overnight, as is tradition, yet another neighbourhood was hit by car-hoppers.

A “car-hopper” is someone who lurks around after dark with intent to steal your items. They will lurk around your vehicles, testing the car handles to see if you left them unlocked. Upon discovering an unlocked vehicle, they will enter the vehicle and take anything they find of value, often to sell.


The typical “car-hopper” often has an out of control addiction and use this method to secure their next fix of drugs.

Last night, around 5:20 am a car-hopper was in the Northwood area and was caught on video attempting to gain entry to a vehicle.

The homeowner tells us that this is not something new for them, as they have experienced this issue  numerous times over the year.


Below is the video provided which shows the incident overnight and a couple historic incidents over the last year.


5 Replies to “VIDEO – Car Hopper Hits Northwood Overnight”

  1. As much as I hate these lowlife carhopping pricks, some of the blame has to fall on the vehicle owners. Lock your f_____g doors! Otherwise, deal with the consequences.

    Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could electrify your vehicle similar to an electric fence to give these creeps a good jolt when testing door handles!

  2. Jesus christ!
    These people recording the scum are very patient.
    I’d be out there with a ball bat nightly.
    But I guess normal people need to sleep at times

    1. There are devices you can buy at Walmart that send an alarm via radio signal. You set up the battery powered motion detector transmitter in the area being monitored. If anything passes within it’s range, it sends a radio signal to the receiver set up inside your home which gives off an audible signal. Set it up well before the area where the vehicles are parked. That way you can greet the asshole at your vehicle.

  3. These low lifes ransacked our car 5 times last year and it was when I forgot to lock my car doors.. That tells me they must be checking the car doors every night… The latest was between 7-8 evening.. while l was watching tv… If l ever catch them l will let my dog named Bear after them…

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