VIDEO – Car Hopper Caught on Camera


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – “Car hopping” is a term labelling criminals that lurk neighbourhoods attempting to gain access to vehicles for the purpose of stealing anything of value inside them. This behaviour often occurs at night but is also happening during the day.
There isn’t a neighbourhood in Thunder Bay that has not fallen victim to this type of crime. It is active in all areas of town and all neighbourhoods.
Anyone who has video footage of “car hoppers” or any other crime happening, is urged to send it in to us via text at 807-355-8917 or email at so that we can put the public to the task of identifying the criminals.
Wednesday evening, a camera in the John Street Road are captured this guy in a blue “No 1 Cares” hoodie, attempting to make entry into a truck and then a house door. Both doors were locked and the brazen criminal was chased off by the man of the house.
“Car hopping” is often fueled by criminals with an out of control addiction issue, most often drugs such as fentanyl and cracked cocaine. With the rising appearance of crystal meth in Thunder Bay, these crimes can only be expected to increase in the future.
Below is the video:


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