VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out Food Court Intercity Shopping Centre


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious brawl broke out at the Intercity Shopping Centre according to a video we obtained which shows the chaos.

The video shows a number of security officers attending the incident and attempting to stop the mayhem that erupted.


A number of people have seen throw punches and engaging in violence.

We haven’t been able to confirm when this happened, but at least one person says it happened earlier today.

The chaos ended soon after the video ended and all parties were eventually removed from the location. We are uncertain if charges were laid in connection with the violence.


The female who was thrown down ended up with an injury to her head. A female who claims she was involved in this incident states that she drank a 26 ounce bottle of hard liquor while at the mall. It appears underage public drinking contributed to this incident.

This is yet another blow for the mall after the announcements this week that two more stores are closing down. Below is the video.


40 Replies to “VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out Food Court Intercity Shopping Centre”

    1. Shrea:
      It’s apparent you don’t have the basic mental faculties to realize how f*cked up you are. If you were to be tested, you’d likely rate far behind a well behaved dog.

    2. “I don’t care what she say” Yeah – “you so gangsta”. You were not taught to speak this piss-poor in any school around the area, and you’ve as much “street cred” in Thunder Bay as a Twinkie has pâtisserie cred in Paris. How about you grow up and drop the act?

  1. I agree. These people who think fighting is cool or over drinking or over dosing drugs. Well one day it gets old. It doesn’t make you cool. It just makes you look like an uneducated low life. Think about it. There is so much more to life.

    1. I hope they’re all banned from the mall, We don’t need this nonsense where there are children, families and seniors who can get hurt for their stupidity.!!!

    2. They’re small minded, likely brain damaged wannabe gangsta punks. Don’t try to make sense of it. They’re about as useful and appreciated as dogs hit on your shoe.

      If they want to kill each other off, I say let them go for it.

  2. I bet the restof the businesses in there cant wait to shut down
    Says much when the sound of laughter is heard from at least one spectator….

  3. I asked the girl that got beat up (as she was saying some racist shit to the security guard) if she was embarrased for being such a loser and she tried to hit me. Called me a cracka ass n#igga which i found a bit contradictory. What exactly does that make me?

    1. You can’t reason with these losers. They don’t have the basic ability to make sense. A three year old has more on the ball than these brain damaged alcoholic druggers.

      We’re dealing with a major social dilemma right now.

      Very many of these violent people have serious mental disorders. They may look relatively normal but their brains are scrambled. Generation after generation of FAS afflicted people continuing to reproduce at unsustainable rates will soon overwhelm the system. We’re seeing that now with all of the rampant violence, alcohol and drug abuse. Just take a good look at what’s going on…. And it’s going to get a lot worse if NAN doesn’t man up and do something to curb such widespread substance abuse.

    2. These wannabe gangstas are all pretty much dimwits. It’s abundantly obvious that they’re mentally compromised. Chances are they’re barely literate and most definitely socially unadjusted. They’re likely suffering from FAS and were kicked off of some rez because they were assholes there as well.

      These piss poor excuses for people will NEVER work nor be contributing members of society. They’ll be lifelong welfare scammers, alcoholic druggers until, mercifully, their brief lives end from either violence or drugs and alcohol.

      In the meantime, we have to put up with them like we do with other undesirable things in life. Which is very unfortunate for mainstream society.

    1. I wouldnt say im part of the solution but part of the problem? cammon. I was just distracting her from the guard. People that act like this need to be called out and told that its not alright to be like this. As far as her being illiterate, that isnt true. Shes just a a priviledged little girl that stole her parents booze, whose only role model is takashi 69.

  4. Intercity Mall will soon be the new Victoriaville Mall. I can’t blame stores for closing. But we do know who to blame. Who wants to go shopping at a place with drunks and people asking for money ? The food court is just a place to loiter. Oh well it is what it is and it is not nice.

  5. This is what they do for fun now? We used to get drunk in dirt fields but this is just lame.

    More interesting after curricular activities available to all socioeconomic backgrounds might help?

  6. The indigenous people in this community have gone from law abiding good people to being basically wild animals. Give them Gladu every time they fuck up, let the FWFN chief make excuses constantly and make the cops look like the problem. The majority of the indigenous population we have now is point of fact the most disgusting, ignorant, uneducated, addicted and useless bunch of people I’ve ever seen. No pride, no drive, no motivation, no skills, no hopes or dreams, what a sad state. I am an indigenous male, I work, I have responsibilities and I also wish I could disown my race these days.

    1. You know very well that you can’t paint all FN people with the same brush. What we are seeing are the dregs from the reserves flocking to major urban centres such as Dumpster Bay for easy welfare, booze and drugs.

      Unfortunately, it’s a substantial segment of FN youth doing this and they’re carrying out their disgusting behaviour right in the open for the public to see.

      It’s these lazy, antisocial, likely brain damaged misfits who are giving FN people such a bad reputation. We can thank their parents for being alcoholics and drug abusers who failed miserably as parents and, in all likelihood produced FAS defective offspring.

      The real bad news is that these mentally compromised, drugs and alcohol addicted youths will be doing the exact same thing as their irresponsible parents. Producing brain damaged kids to carry on this tragic tradition and being a never ending burden to society.

      Where is Alvin Fiddler and other senior FN leadership? With all of the FN on FN murders and disgusting behaviour of these FN youths, one would think they would have something to say?

  7. Just do us all a favour and RECORD VIDEO IN LANDSCAPE MODE. You’re no better than the people fighting when you give us crap video like this.

  8. Bring on the cruise ships. The people on the cruise ships are in for some real wild entertainment in Dumpster Bay. The action that takes place in this town is so pathetic and the reason we shop online or go out of town as often as possible. I have had more than enough of witnessing the trash performances and the mooching and hassle from the crackheads and other winos in this dump. I am so sorry this town has turned into one big toilet like the places all the trash imports itself from. Too bad so much of our famly calls this place home. or we would be gone years ago. There are way better places to live than in this uncivilized ghetto here.

    1. It’s only a matter of time before the “normal” people in this hole pack up and leave. As it is, I only live there a few months of the year and only due to necessity.

      A few decades from now, Dumpster Bay will be just one big ugly reserve existing solely on welfare. All you’ll see will be f*cked up welfare scamming losers and cops.

    1. Dave:

      Lawless times are here – thanks to Gladue.

      Criminals don’t get punished. They get a few words pissed in their ear, some promises to break, some papers to sign and they’re put right back on the street.

      Cops bust their asses doing the best they can to clean this shit from our streets and this two tiered “justice” system just dumps the shit right back out. Cops can keep up with revolving door/rubber stamp justice.

      The only time we see progress is when these criminal bastards take each other out.

  9. I have to agree with a lot of these comments as this used to be such a beautiful place to live now you have to live in fear just like the ghettos of the big cities. Thunder Bay USED to be a great city to live in and no matter what they do to fix the city up it is now unrepairable the crime rate is so high we beat out the big cities. I blame a lot of this on the city representatives for all of this because they keep bringing them in from the bush reserves where they do not know how to live city life. It is a sad situation for sure but since the laws have changed so much as to how to raise your children it will never get any better. I can never in all my years remember this kind of thing happening and unfortunately it is going to get worse. Drugs & alcohol are addictions and a great sickness which is taking over all the young lives that know no better. It is a shame to see this kind of thing happening in a once great mall now it is all trash as people do not want to go there to shop anymore. Sad but true we have to live in it unless we pack up & leave but then again who knows how much better it is elsewhere??????????? I feel for the generations that upcoming.

    1. CM…the city representatives DO NOT bring in these individuals from the ” bush reserves “. Nor are people who are expelled from these ” bush reserves ” told to go to Thunder Bay. Their relocation is of their own choosing, as some go to Sioux Lookout, some go to Winnipeg, and some come here. And understanding why you chose the description of their communities as ” bush reserves ” ( uncultured and ignorant ), we can identify Thunder Bay as a ” bush city “.. Having fought forest fighters up north when I worked for the MNR. allow me to point out the similarities. Northern Reserves are located on the shores of lakes, Thunder Bay is built on the shores of Lake Superior, and both expand outward to ( this is weird and who would have thunk it ) the BUSH. The differences are size, access to equal housing, access to clean drinking water, access to food and amenities and access to proper removal of sewer and waste. There are plenty more but too tired to type them all. So the next time, you decide to enlighten the people of Thunder Bay. please explore some facts and truths. Miigwetch.


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