VIDEO: Another Scotlund Compton Incident


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Details are unconfirmed at this point, but what we have heard is that convicted criminal and suspected gang leader of local kiddie gang 1hunna is in more legal trouble.

Numerous tips smacked our newsroom informing us of an incident at Crompton’s home, which is with his parents according to sources.


What we heard is that his victim, who he posted to Snapchat after a brutal beating happened, is not Scotlund’s friend. He was at Scotlund’s house with a mutual friend for a short time, just to get “something”. Allegedly, the victim was in a fight with one of Scotlund’s friends and Scotlund jumped in.

The victim one punched tiny Crompton, who then fell into a glass table. The victim then started to leave the home when Crompton is alleged to have struck him in the back of the head with a bat, rendering him unconscious for an undetermined amount of time.

Upon regaining consciousness, allegedly the victim found himself bloodied and taped up. At this point the victim found himself being beaten in the legs with a baton while Crompton was attempting to cut his eye out with a box cutter while also stabbing him in the head with it, allegedly.


We have not been able to confirm if Crompton is back in jail but a large number of police cruisers and officers were at his parents’ house, where he lives.

Before fleeing the scene, the victim was allegedly forced into taking this photo with Crompton(posted below), likely due to Crompton realizing he is going back to jail and desperately not wanting to go. He’s known for begging the courts for publication bans.

Below is the video from Snapchat. We will follow up with more information as soon as it becomes available.

Crompton is linked to such crimes as several women he was romantically with being beaten, an elderly and defenceless senior citizen being beaten, and more. All of those incidents are documented in the various and extensive history of Scotlund Crompton compiled below.

History: article dated May 4th, 2018, via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition.


A 19-year-old SCOTLUND CROMPTON is appearing this morning, Friday, May 4, 2018, via video from TBPS station.

CROMPTON is wearing dark clothing and his hair looks to be bright yellow and throwback style to the early 1980’s “Flock of Seagull” era.

CROMPTON was arrested by the Thunder Bay Police Service community response team Thursday night on Phyllis Street, according to a police media release.

CROMPTON is accused of assaulting an 82-year-old man on Thursday, April 26, 2018, who was out for a walk in the 100 block area of Rockwood Avenue.

Her Worship, Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Piera Pasloski is here along with Ms. A. Gallo who is acting as agent for defence lawyer Michael Hargadon.


CROMPTON has several outstanding charges including assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, threats, theft under $5,000 and breaches. clearly he is no stranger to the court system.


A Section 517 publication ban is requested by the defence. Justice of the Peace Maslach orders the publication ban. The Crown is not consenting to his release.

SCOTLUND CROMPTON is being transferred to the Thunder Bay Jail. He will make a video appearance from jail on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 12:45 pm.

Police have identified both people in the video, but have only charged one.



With files from: TBPS

History: article dated July 13th, 2018.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A violent scene unfolded out front of the Prince Arthur Hotel this evening, leaving a couple dumps of blood along the sidewalk.

David Chokaluk Security Guard at the Prince Arthur Hotel tells us that an alleged altercation between two males happened between 8:30 pm and 8:45 pm on the sidewalk in front of the Prince Arthur Hotel

Chokaluk further tells us, that it is alleged one man was stabbed in the abdomen, which resulted in a bloody scene. That male was taken to hospital holding his guts in, with presumably serious injuries.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers were overheard discussing their search for the weapon at the time of this writing.

Superior North EMS paramedics along with Thunder Bay Police Service officers, investigators, and the forensics unit were seen on location.

UPDATE: 10:06 pm other witnesses have come forward and explained that they saw two groups of what appeared to be mostly teenagers getting into a disagreement. An altercation unfolded resulting in one man being left stabbed.

Scotlund Crompton was released from jail earlier today and is alleged to have ties to the 1hunna teenage gang in town.

Below are the photos Patrick Jones captured of the incident.

More photos below this advertisement:


This is a developing story, and we will update it as more information becomes available.

History: article dated September 25th, 2018.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 18-year-old Hunter Radford appeared in the Thunder Bay bail court this morning, via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Logan is presiding, along with Crown Attorney Misbah Haque and Duty Counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Radford is facing the following charge:

  • Assault

The matter was banned from being published in detail by a section 517 publication ban.

Radford was granted bail under the following conditions:

  • No contact with 1 person
  • Remain 50 metres from wherever that person may be
  • No weapons
  • Abstain from alcohol and drugs
  • No bars

Radford was ordered released, and has a new court date of October 19th at 9:30 am.

Sources have indicated that Radford has extensive ties to Scotlund Crompton. You can read more about Scotlund Crompton below:

History: article dated May 23, 2019.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In a heartfelt and emotional social media post, Teanna Faith speaks out about the abuse she is alleging she faced at the hands of 19-year-old Hunter Radford.

“…We got drunk & got into a fight, we went outside…” “…All i remember is being hit so hard to where i was knocked out cold for a good 30 seconds.” Teanna Faith stated.

She continues stating “I remember my mom screaming and shaking me asking if i was okay. I have full evidence of my health record of last night. I have a concussion and a broken eardrum.”

Teanna says that her mother was present during the situation and observed in horror as the events unfolded. “My mom seen the whole thing. He went after my mom multiple times to where my mom was actually scared of him & ran in the house and had to lock the doors.”

“I had to be helped by paramedics. I’m truly disgusted that hunter would do this to me after all I’ve done and put up with. I am pressing charges and I am seriously warning other females…. STAY. THE. F**K. AWAY.” Teanna pleads to the public.

In closing, Teanna stated this “I’m a 16 year old 5’2 girl. this man is 6’3 and weighs like 200 pounds. He is a disgusting waste of space.”

Hunter ran into myself, Pino Demasi, at a Fort William First Nation gas station. He became immediately verbally abusive towards me but when I approached him to confront him on his issue, he appeared to hide behind a car door and did not come up to me. He was quick to jump back into the car and close the door when I got close. It would seem he is only tough when getting aggressive with small females.

Hunter has known ties to Scotlund Crompton, the male alleged to have beaten a senior citizen last year.

This isn’t Hunter’s first charge for beating a woman, below we have linked his previous charge where he is alleged to have conducted himself in a similar manner.

History: article dated August 22nd, 2019.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Police arrested two people and seized drugs with an estimated street value of about $20,000 Wednesday evening.

As a result of an ongoing investigation, police attended and searched a residence in the zero-to-100 block of Cumberland Street North just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 21. Following the search, police found and seized a significant quantity of illicit drugs including crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, oxycodone, and heroin.

Paraphernalia consistent with drug trafficking and about $10,000 CAD was also seized. Police also observed weapons in the residence, including knives and bear spray.

Police arrested and charged one male and one female for drug-related offences. Timothy ST GERMAIN (pictured), 34, of Sudbury is charged with:

  • Possession of a Schedule 1 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking x4.
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000

Jodee Dawn LUCK (pictured below), 43, of Thunder Bay is charged with:

  • Possession of a Schedule 1 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking x4.
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000.

Word on the street is that Jodee Lucky is Scotlund Cromptons mother. Both appeared in bail court Thursday morning and were remanded into custody with future appearance dates.

This investigation is part of an ongoing specialized joint force operation that includes resources and members from the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Intelligence Unit, OPP, Nishnawbe Aski Police Service and Anishinabek Police Service.

Source: TBPS Media Release

History: article dated March 15th, 2019 via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition.



Appearing in Courtroom 303 Thursday March 14,2019 before Her Honour Justice Esther Rosenberg is 19 year old SCOTLUND CROMPTON. He’s here to plead guilty and get sentenced for several charges.

CROMPTON is about 5’7” tall and wearing brand new white shoes with about 2” of heel. Without the shoes, he’d be much shorter. He’s slimmer than average, approximately 150lbs. He’s wearing blue jeans and a collared shirt that’s not tucked in.

Also present is Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and Defence Counsel Karen Scullion. CROMPTON’s father is also in the body of the Court.

The victim of his attack is also here along with several family members to support her.

Scullion has negotiated a good deal for her client.


On Tuesday April 3 2018, the Thunder Bay Police attended the hospital at 10am to meet with the young female victim who was assaulted by CROMPTON. Earlier that morning at a home in the 400 block of Oliver Road, CROMPTON got angry at the woman, then proceeded to hit her in the head and face leaving her face swollen. CROMPTON later was going through her phone and became upset that her Manager at work had messaged her wanting her to come in to work. Her face was swollen and she did not want others to see. CROMPTON became jealous, accusing her of having a unprofessional relationship with the Manager and began choking the woman saying “ I should just f**king kill you”.

He slapped and punched her more calling her a “filthy mess, slut whore”.  CROMPTON threw her around the room by her hair, and hit her in back so hard that it knocked wind out of her.

The young woman fled the home barefoot heading to nearby Mac’s store to call her father.

Her father brought her to hospital and police were called.

The young woman suffered 2 black eyes and burst blood vessels in left eye. She had bruising all over her body and abrasions on her neck. She required stitches to close a split lip.

CROMPTON was arrested and charged by Thunder Bay Police.

He’s charged with assault causing bodily harm and breaching his probation order. He is also charged later that month for contacting her when he’s ordered not to.


Justice Rosenberg is reviewing CROMPTON’s youth record and she calls it shocking. It’s a record of violence.

Scullion tells the court her client has a Grade 11 education and is working with his father at a local mechanical contractor. He wants to learn how to do sheet metal work.

CROMPTON tells Her Honour Rosenberg that he’s trying to fix himself and wants to be a better person. He’s been attending counselling and programming for anger management.

Her Honour tells CROMPTON that this kind of conduct must result in a jail sentence. You’ve demonstrated a history of violence. She tells him “Despite your record and charge, I’m mandated to satisfy myself that you’re suitable for a Conditional Sentence Order”


CROMPTON spent a total of 83 days in jail which is enhanced to 124 days. He has 3 convictions for breach of probation. Justice Rosenberg splits it up into 30, 30 and 64 days on the breaches. His presentence custody is used up.

CROMPTON is sentenced to a 9 month Conditional Sentence Order (house arrest) plus 12 moths Probation to follow.
The order involves living with his father in Current River, no alcohol or intoxicating substances and a curfew. His exceptions for curfew are to attend counselling or Alcoholics Anonymous. He’s further ordered to stay at least 100 meters away from his victim and her family.

His DNA will be collected and stored.
Her Honour advises CROMPTON that any breaches see him serve the remainder in jail.




Ironically, a preliminary hearing for CROMPTON begins on April 1,2019.

CROMPTON is further accused of an April 26,2018 aggravated assault on an 82 year old man. It’s alleged that CROMPTON violently attacked the senior who was out for a walk in the 100 block area of Rockwood Avenue.

Victims and survivors of physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse can find emergency shelter and housing, health care, legal services, emotional support, counselling, system navigation services, and accompaniment services for interviews or appointments. Intervention and prevention services often focus on abuse in the home or workplace, sexual assault, violent crime, or human trafficking. Contact the Faye Peterson House to begin your first steps towards escaping the abuse 807-345-0450

Big thanks to our Inside Edition team member for getting this story.

History: article dated July 11th, 2019.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning is a 20-year-old Scotlund Crompton. His legal counsel, Heather Scullion was present for the matter. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding along with Crown Attorney Mason.

Court hears that Crompton is on a conditional sentence order (similar to house arrest) for previous criminal charges when he is alleged to have assaulted a woman and threatened her life.

Crompton is not only on a conditional sentence order, but is currently on bail for an aggravated assault. His new charges are:

  • Assault (on a woman).
  • Uttering threats to cause death.
  • Breach of bail conditions – No alcohol.

The Crown is not consenting to his release and he is ordered to remain in custody. His lawyer, Heather Scullion scheduled a bail hearing for Tuesday. Crompton was already on bail that involved two sureties. Crompton is ordered not to contact his alleged victim.

These allegations have not been proven in court.


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