VIDEO: A Low-Life Criminal Steals Bike


(THUNDER BAY, ON) –A woman reported to us yesterday morning that her bike was stolen.

She endured to obtain the surveillance footage from her landlord and has produced that footage to us in hopes someone could identify the suspect.


The woman feels violated and rightly so. One of her means of transportation was stolen, undoubtedly, by a criminal with an out of control drug addiction.

Bikes are often stolen by criminals and then utilized to get to their trap house of choice a little bit faster. This is similar to vehicles being stolen and then located near notorious trap houses.

Anyone with information as to the bike’s whereabouts or who had stolen it, please contact us or name drop in the comments.


Below is the video.


7 Replies to “VIDEO: A Low-Life Criminal Steals Bike”

    1. Momentary lapse of reason? Forgot they were living in Dumpster Bay?

      You don’t see welfare scamming dopers down at the bike shop paying for bicycles when they can steal them from your front porch. Chain them up FFS.

      Live and learn.

  1. No more nice guy government/ judges. Give these rats two options

    1) find a job in 14 days, full time. Not only that, work for half the wage that they present to you. The other half can be paid back to the government. If you can’t afford life, get a second job. No Dole sauce for you. Put on a pair of steel toes and get your ass to work


    2) get put down. It saves the government money coming out it’s Dole and it makes the public more safe. It also saves the judges time and keeps the jail cells flowing smoothly, with vacancy when needed.

    Oh I wish I was in charge, there would be no welfare or slaps on the wrist. I would be patrolling the streets every day and every night handing out these two options

    1. With Trudeau’s Medical Assisted Dying coming into law, it would be nice if number 2 was an option.
      Been a scum bag all your life?
      Steal petty crap because your a junk low life?
      No aspiration to do anything other than suck off the government on welfare or disability…
      It’s time to put you down!

    2. Uhhh, that’s how welfare works, anyway. After $200 work income per month, 50% of every dollar after that is deducted, and you’re booted off welfare when your welfare cheque hits $0.

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