(VIDEO) – 7 Eleven Clerk Lays The Smack Down


(WINNIPEG, MB) – As is common across the nation, another alleged theft was in progress at a Winnipeg 7-Eleven store, this time, with a twist.
In a video circling the rounds on social media, and was submitted through our anonymous tip line, it appears the clerk attempted to stop an alleged theft from happening.
The video shows a man with no shirt appearing to attempt to take some items from the floor as the 7-Eleven clerk steps in.
There is a heated exchange of mean looks before a couple fists fly.
A third man steps in and puts an end to the violence and can be heard talking down the store clerk.
Below is the video:



5 Replies to “(VIDEO) – 7 Eleven Clerk Lays The Smack Down”

  1. I’ll give the clerk credit for bravery, but will take it back for stupidity. Had that big dude decided to deal with the clerk, I suspect that he’d be more than big enough to seriously injure if not kill the guy. A guy that big would be too much to handle without the clerk being armed with something. That black guy probably saved the clerk’s ass.

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