Vandals Strike Kam River Park VIA Rail Train


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Kam River Park is a very beautiful park with loads of potential for it to develop in one of the star attractions of Thunder Bay. A major ongoing and hard to ignore issue is the vagrancy that happens there by the vulnerable, homeless, drug addicted and alcoholic people which are all symptoms of mental health issues.
The park has become a hot spot for alcohol and drug consumption, mainly by people who have limited options as to where they can consume.
There was a group of people planning to revive the park and had some level of progress regarding some road repairs and benches that got attention, but it is not clear when, if ever, events will be scheduled to jump start a positive vibe there.

A man went for a walk through the park and noticed that a window on the VIA Rail train had been smashed. It’s not 100% certain what caused the new damage, but a jar was located on the ground and looked fairly new.

Speculation immediately turns to blaming the drunken lurkers that frequent the area, but it is also possible that someone with a chip on their shoulder visited the park and took out some anger on the window.
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