UPDATE: Woman Severely Beaten, Man Arrested


(FORT SEVERN, ON) – Fort Severn is the most northern community in Ontario. It is situated on Severn River near the Manitoba border and a hop, skip and jump away from Hudson’s Bay.

*** WARNING: Seriously sensitive content. Do not read past this point if you have ever been offended by something you saw on the internet. You have been warned. ***

Recently, a terrifying incident unfolded which resulted in a woman being airlifted to Sioux Lookout hospital for emergency medical attention. The woman was then transported to a different hospital because Sioux Lookout was unable to give her the amount of healthcare she needed.

Before telling the story, we would like to advise readers that we are legally obligated to refer to what is said to have happened as “allegations” until they are proven in court. We are in no way shape or form, intending or wanting to demean or discredit what the victim went through. Below is the story as we have heard it via reported allegations.

Allegations are that Neil Howson has been beating on at least one woman, possibly and likely more, in the First Nation of Fort Severn. Over the last few days, it is said that he had barged into the home of a woman, who had her children home at the time. After being startled awake by being beaten, the woman fled the home on foot, knowing that Howson would pursuit her. Her intentions were to spare the kids having to see her getting beaten up once again.

“Beating on women makes you tufff? Pfft sickening…idk what makes him think it’s ok to barge in our home and attack us while trying to sleep..I left him alone..he came here so ppl can’t say I went there and caused trouble….” said his ex.

“He had to kick and punch me when I had our kids beside me..(the child) saw what happened now she is traumatized telling me she’s scared to sleep, makes sure our bedroom door is closed and wants it locked but I don’t have a lock for my room..I wish she didn’t have to see that” Neils ex said.

Neil chased his ex girlfriends mother out the house and caught up to her outside. The woman screamed for help but none came quick enough. It was at this point the woman endured a severe beating which caused serious damage. Neil is said to have been dating this woman’s daughter and that he showed up there to attack his now ex-girlfriend. The two women along with 5 children were home at the time of the incident.

Sources indicate that the woman remains in hospital and has had a number of procedures performed in an attempt to save her life. The information we have obtained is that the woman is in serious condition even after a 4-hour surgery that was performed earlier today.

Her injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Fractured cheekbone.
  • Fractured nose.
  • Jaw broken in two places.
  • Undetermined damage in her mouth.


The victim is scheduled for a number of upcoming surgeries in an attempt to restore her health and stabilize her condition further.

Officers with the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, Fort Severn detachment have arrested and detained, Neil Howson. He was denied release from jail and was flown out to the Kenora District Jail, where he remains in custody.

There is a concern that there may be more victims linked to Howson. Anyone who may have suffered due to his actions is urged to contact the police immediately at 1-888-310-1122.


6 Replies to “UPDATE: Woman Severely Beaten, Man Arrested”

  1. I’m very sorry this monster has done so much damage to a grandmother trying to get out of her home in the middle of the night to protect her family’s lives.

    Wish we could go back and be proactive. Women need to stand strong and believe they are worth more than being a punching bag and not allow such acts to take place by the hands of anyone (this reaches to men also that are being abused). Stop the Neil’s in the world in their tracks by getting out and charging them the first time before they have more opportunities to destroy everything you love.

  2. Hopefully this lowlife turd will get a taste of his own medicine if he ever gets to jail.

    Gladue and chicken shit judges will likely get him a couple days in a sweat lodge just long enough to get in shape for his next match with another defenceless woman. Cowardly bastard.

  3. Can’t wait to hear about what happens to him when he gets back to the Rez. Back in the day he would be brought out to the back 40. Wouldn’t hear from him again.

    1. How I long for the good old days when we actually had a justice system. Seems vigilanteism is about the only way people will get any real justice these days in Dumpster Bay.


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