UPDATE: Syndicate South Trap House Bust


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have an update to the incident that unfolded in the 500-block of Syndicate Ave south yesterday.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) responded to the location with an estimated 8 police cruisers. A number of officers were on location and police have arrested 5 people regarding the home.


A male from Toronto with the last name Morgan, a suspected drug trafficking gangster, appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning while in police custody at the TBPS Headquarters located at 1200 Balmoral Street.

He was charged with possession proceeds of crime, Canadian Currency valued at over $5000.

His co-accused, Sandra Martin, Paige McMuldroch, Kathleen Wright and Louis Laguillana have yet to appear in court. We will update this article once they do. Check back soon.


Video Credit Facebook / Jonmar

Regional Senior Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over court this morning along with hardened Crown Attorney P, Pasloski and duty counsel lawyer Justin McConnell.

Morgan was ordered to remain in court and is scheduled to appear back in court on Monday, January 13th, 2020.



6 Replies to “UPDATE: Syndicate South Trap House Bust”

  1. Cops take one down, another 12 pop up. It is really so far out of control here, nothing short of all out military confrontation will settle it. What must really frustrate the cops is they risk their lives every shift to do all the hard and dirty work cleaning up the trash only to have it shipped right back to the streets to start all over again. Thank you to the up front police for their continued efforts to try and clean house despite a lack of support on all fronts. Many more than you know, totally appreciate everything you are attempting to do. .

  2. Kudos to the cops for cleaning up this trash.

    Too bad our limp dick JPs and judges will likely be doing the “revolving door/rubber stamp” bullshit they usually do. These snakes will be back in business likely within a week.

  3. Kathleen Wright rented this apartment and welfare paid for it. No matter what she did there (prostitution ring out of place, trafficking crack, coke meth, pills and on and on) Thunder Bay Housing and Welfare kept cleaning up her mess and fought to let her stay. Kathleen poisoned the neighbourhood and all members of our community yet the government agencies fought with the Landlord and kept her there as she trashed the place. She as well as all her crack head buddies had the run of things and even the Landlord Tenant Board sided with her and let her stay. She had the dealers selling out of the place for over a year. There are three other units as well as all the neighbours that had to put up with her crack head junkies coming all hours, pipes and needles littered the area and more than I can count police were called yet she still stayed to make her dealers a fortune well everyone else has to work for a living. Now the dumb crackhead bitch has been taken down (Thank you Thunder Bay Police) let’s hope this sticks. We are all so happy the dumb junky is out! IMG_0204.HEIC

    1. Great comments and explanation Jess.

      Good to see the crack head tramp has finally been charged. Hopefully the JP/judge doesn’t fumble the ball.

      No wonder people carrying out this bullshit get assaulted and murdered? I’m surprised that more innocent neighbours aren’t losing their shit and taking these pricks out.

  4. Nice!!! Way to swarm these shits!!! Awesome job boys in blue!! Keep up the good work or cleaning up our streets. Now up to the judges to keep them in jail. So what if it’s overcrowded share a bunk and spoon!!!

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