UPDATE: Quest for Crack “Jail Bar Licker” Arrested Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link from the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) station is 32-year-old Luke Michael Truelove.

Allegations are that Truelove was not residing at the house he was court ordered to be at. His previous bail conditions required him to live in the 900 block of West Gore. Sources indicate he has not been living at that home in months.


Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and duty counsel worker Marylinn Thompsen.

Truelove is facing the following new charges:

  • Breaching bail conditions x2.

He is already going through court for previous matters that have not yet been resolved. His lawyer of choice is Gilbert Labine, Labine is not present during this matter.


Truelove was not granted bail today and is scheduled to return to court tomorrow by video, likely for another swing at bail.

HISTORY Article dated January 20th, 2019 via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition



Appearing by video this morning Sunday January 20,2019 from the Thunder Bay Police Station is 31 year old (he turns 32 this Friday) LUKE MICHEAL TRUELOVE

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Jennifer Neill is presiding. Provincial Crown Tamara Fairchild is here along with Duty Counsel Tyra Ohman.

TRUELOVE was arrested by our hardworking TBPS officers yesterday at 12:09pm. TRUELOVE is facing several allegations including impaired driving, theft of a van, operate vehicle while prohibited and refusing to supply a breath sample.


It’s alleged that TRUELOVE spotted an idling white Chevy work van at the 200 block of Cumming Street at 11:35am. He allegedly got into van and drove away. Owner phoned police. TRUELOVE drove down McKenzie street stopping at the Heron Street intersection to pick up a random woman he did not know on the corner. It’s alleged he was driving erratically through the neighbourhood telling the random woman he picked up that he wanted crack. The woman became fearful of his behaviour and driving. TRUELOVE allegedly stopped briefly at MACS store on Simpson & McKenzie. The random woman exited the vehicle quickly and phoned police. Our hardworking TBPS officers arrived quickly to make the arrest.

At the TBPS station at 12:52pm with the breath technician, TRUELOVE began screaming loudly and slamming chair. He was taken back to jail cell.

At 2:50pm he’s licking the bars in his jail cell and dancing.


TRUELOVE was convicted of impaired driving in July 2018.


He has 2 kids and works at the Musselwhite Mine on a 2 weeks in/ 2 weeks out rotation.

TRUELOVE is scheduled to be back at Musselwhite Mine this Thursday. He’s facing a minimum 30 days in jail if convicted for his second DUI and a minimum 3 year licence suspension.

TRUELOVE is released on a recognizance. He’s ordered to reside at his home on Gore Street West when not at work and he’s not to occupy the driver’s seat of any vehicle. He has a no contact order with the owner of the vehicle he allegedly stole or the random street woman he picked up. He’s ordered to attend a February court date.


Another failure by the Director of Communications at TBPS to notify public of the work that TBPS officers do.

Local taxpayer subsidized media is failing to report the incident to the public.

Update July 10,2019

Sources indicate that TRUELOVE is still going through the courts on these charges and is also being investigated for a break enter and theft now.


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  1. White trash crack head loser. The only positive about the f__k up is that he’s not on welfare. At least not yet. Good chance he’ll lose his job with this arrest.

  2. This guy is scum. Overheard him trying to offer the cook at the Wayland money for sex one night. Low life price of shit.

  3. Pity the kids with an asshole like that messing with their minds and and being saddled with that in their life. He is not a father. He is a guy who just spawned a couple of kids. There is a huge difference between being a real father and simply being able to spawn. Dont call trash like this a father.

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