(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Service officers were dispatched to a break and enter in progress involving a firearm just before 1:15 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at a residence in the 100 block of Ravenwood Avenue.

Officers learned a victim heard noise from within their residence just before 1:15 a.m. The victim exited their bedroom and found the accused male in the basement.


The accused pointed a firearm at the victim and threatened them not to interfere with the robbery.

The accused pointed the firearm at the victim a second time before fleeing the residence and leaving the area on a bicycle.

Officers located footprints and bicycle tire tracks that matched the description of the shoes and bicycle of the accused male.


Further investigation led the officers to discover the identity of the accused male. While officers were en route to his last known address, they spotted a bicycle that matched the description of the one used by the accused in the zero-to-100 block of Cumberland Street North.

The bicycle, abandoned on the sidewalk, had tire treads that resembled the tracks officers were following earlier.

Further investigation led officers to locate and arrest the accused just before 4 a.m. in the 300 block of Cumberland Street North.

Tyson Stanley SPENCE, 34, of Thunder Bay is charged with:

• Breaking, Entering and Committing
• Pointing a Firearm
• Possession of Firearm/ Ammunition Contrary to Probation Order x 4
• Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose
• Firearm Use While Committing Offence
• Probation Order Non-Compliance x 2

SPENCE appeared in bail court on Thursday, Dec. 5 and was remanded into custody with a future appearance date.

Spence was just released from jail in September.

Source: TBPS








A 33 year old TYSON STANLEY SPENCE was arrested by hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers yesterday. SPENCE is alleged to have committed another violent assault on a female causing her bodily harm. He was just released less than 3 weeks ago from jail after a long reformatory sentence for a violent assault on a senior citizen on John Street Road (See below)

SPENCE is being transferred to the overcrowded Thunder Bay Jail. He will make a video appearance from there on Tuesday.



Tyson Stanley Spence was sentenced to six years today in jail for aggravated assault, break and enter, obstructing a peace officer and failing to comply with a probation order for a January 2015 home invasion on John Street Road.

With credit for time served at an enhanced credit of 1.5 days for every day served, Spence, the father of a five-year-old boy, is left with two years to serve of the sentence handed to him on Monday at the Thunder Bay Courthouse by Justice Danial Newton.

His victim still suffers in pain and requires more facial surgery.

Feb 23/17. A 30 year old Tyson Spence was scheduled for trial all last week. He changed his mind to plead guilty on 4 counts. The 5th count was withdrawn by the Crown. Judge Dan Newton is presiding over the hearing. Crown Attorney is Shari Frenette and Spence is represented by lawyer Christopher Avery from Toronto. There are 3 people here in the body of the court. The Native Court Worker, the Gladue Report Writer and myself. Spence has been in custody since the incident, he’s handcuffed and in the prisoner’s box. He is wearing dark clothing and has no expression or emotion being shown.
A very lengthy statement of admitted facts are read into the record on February 17,2017. The following is a highlight of some of those facts.
On January 3,2015 just before 1 p.m. a suspicious man was seen on the property of a John St Road residence. The 63-year-old victim who worked in a nearby Esso went to check on the situation.
He found Spence inside the home. Spence had a duffel bag stolen from the home containing items he was stealing. The victim asked Spence “What are you doing?”
Spence replied “I’m doing a B & E, what the fuck does it look like I’m doing”.
Spence then attacked the victim by striking him in the head over and over with his fists.
The victim’s ex-wife was across the street at the Esso and she became concerned with the length of time the victim was gone. She alerted 2 plainclothes police detectives who happened to be at the business. They drove across to the victim’s residence where they could hear what was described as “death blows” being struck. They looked over a fence and recognized Tyson Spence from previous criminal encounters who was striking the elderly victim repeatedly in the head and the victim was bleeding heavily.
The officers announced their presence to Spence and told him he was under arrest. Spence refused to surrender and grabbed the duffel bag of stolen items and tried to run. He was able to slip past one officer but the other caught him and Spence violently fought back. Officers were required to use force to detain Spence. They had difficulty getting him under control. Spence is fairly stocky and strong. Another friend of the victim had happened to come by while police were struggling with Spence. The officers directed him to tend to the victim. These plainclothes detectives did not have a police radio on their person and had to use a cell phone to call for support.
The victim suffered some very traumatic head injuries. Multiple fractures and surgeries. He had a surgery last month and still requires more surgeries. Horrific injuries. Throughout the entire reading of admitted facts, Spence shows no emotion. It’s the same stone cold look.
Judge Newton accepts the guilty pleas and admitted facts and registers the conviction. February 27,2017 will be to Set Date for sentencing. Spence’s lawyer requests the Gladue Report and Pre-Sentence Report.
The Crown Attorney is seeking a penitentiary term for Tyson Spence.
Court is declared closed and the Gladue Worker & Native Court Worker who are sitting directly behind Spence rise to speak to him. They seem to be consoling him.

Writer’s Note :
Not sure why any other media was not present. They were all quick to announce charges but couldn’t be bothered to follow up.
I’ve sat in a lot of court proceeding over the years but this one will stick in my mind on the brutality of this attack. Had those Thunder Bay Police Detectives not arrived when they did, we’d be hearing about someone who was deceased.


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  1. This dangerous lowlife criminal rat should be put down. It’s abundantly obvious that he’s beyond rehabilitation.

    Robbing with a firearm put this creep into some deep shit. Should be sent up from 10 to 15 years with any luck and a judge that’s half conscious.

    Too bad we no longer have the death penalty. Hopefully, he’ll meet his maker in the slam. The world will be better off without him.

  2. He seems like the kind of dude that shaves his pubes down to the skin and wears his pants really low without any underwear on

  3. I’m a former Minnesotan who used to own a property East of Thunder Bay back in the late 90’s. I spent a number of vacations in Thunder Bay and remember it as a quirky, shabby hip sort of place with really nice people. I never felt unsafe there and loved meeting people. Fast forward 20 years and it looks like a dystopian nightmare based on what I’m reading on this site. My wife and I now live in Maine and are looking for a vacation/future retirement home, so I considered the Thunder Bay area. No way. What the hell happened? Houses in Toronto cost $800k and they are doing great. How much of that wealth was extracted from NW Ontario? Don’t they owe you somthing to help you clean up this mess? I feel terrible for the hard-working, friendly people in Thunder Bay. Your government needs to do something about this. I’m not that fond of Trump, but if he knew you were living in such deplorable conditions, it would become an international embarassment for your government. In Maine, non-criminals have the constitutional right to carry a concealed firearm. We have the lowest crime rate in the U.S. I wouldn’t even visit your city agin without that right. Stand up and demand action from your government. E-mail Republican politicians in the U.S. and give them a talking point.

    1. What happened to the town is a major influx of a certain demographic that brought with them many, many social dysfunction issues. What brings them to Dumpster Bay is free and very easy to get welfare – for life, if they so desire, and literally thousands of them “so desire”. There are several thousand able bodied welfare scammers on the dole in the city.

      Now, with this readily available welfare money, comes resources to buy alcohol and drugs at the expense of not properly feeding their children nor paying for other normal necessities for them.

      Many of these dysfunctional welfare recipients are unwed mothers who produce several children simply to increase their welfare and other social benefits income. In very many cases, these children are poorly taken care of because the money is spent on dope, alcohol cigarettes etc.

      When the alcoholics and druggers can no longer maintain their habit with welfare funds, they invite ruthless out of town gang members, usually from Southern Ontario, to use their homes to sell drugs and prostitution out of. The drug dealers pretty much take over the homes and keep the tenants strung out on drugs until they’re busted or someone in the arrangement is severely injured or killed.

      The murder rate in Dumpster Bay has been the highest in the country for three or four years running. The upside of the murders is that the undesirables are usually killing/injuring each other and what’s left of the normal population is relatively unaffected provided they stay out of the areas where these lowlifes live and operate. The problem though, is that these snakes are ever expanding into areas where normal folks live, thus bringing their disease with them. There are fewer and fewer places that are safe in the city.

      In short, the city is in dire straights. Our cops are busting their asses to deal with the problem but they were asleep at the wheel for a good five to ten years while the undesirables and drug dealers crept into town. Now they’re fighting an uphill battle. To make matters worse, our judicial system is a farce. Cops work hard to bust these creeps and our judges dole out laughable sentences that does little to nothing to deter criminal activity.

      One of the easiest solutions to deal with this problem would be to conduct a thorough examination of all welfare recipients and kick the scammers off the dole. Another step would be to make all welfare recipients accountable for how they spend their welfare money. Cut off a couple thousand welfare scammers and a lot of the drug dealer’s money will dry up.

      Another step would be to challenge the ridiculous sentencing being handed down by our judicial system.

  4. Hey Rex I’m surprised noones come into the comments yet all “Well if you knew Tyson you would know he’s a nice guy). Bitch stfu

  5. Perhaps the Native and Gladue court workers should go and console the victim. Explain to him how their going to make sure that his attacker spends at least two weeks in a healing lodge.

  6. If only the media could report on all this trash happening here. There is a media blackout on many incidents and events happening all across this country and especially in this town. I suspect the blackout is two fold. One to to prevent sheer panic as to how dangerous this hell hole really is and reason 2/ to protect and ensure those responsible for this festering pool are not targeted. This country is no longer a democratic country but an oligarchy where a minority of power players are calling the shots and anyone who opposes their views get punished. And this once great country where the rights and freedoms we once cherished are becoming extinct and is rapidly advancing on its way to becoming an extremist filthy wasteland.

    1. This is one reason why Pino should be congratulated and praised for revealing the level of crime happening in Dumpster Bay. Without his investigating and publications, we wouldn’t have a clue of how bad things really are.

      Rest assured that authorities at all levels want to suppress as much negative news as possible. Some of it for reasons you’ve mentioned. Some of it to protect the investments of those with most to lose from exposing the epidemic of disgusting criminal element in this town.

      Local business community have their fingers in a lot of pies, including the Reserves Industrial Complex, where millions change hands every time there’s a flood or forest fire in areas of the reserves. These people couldn’t care less about the conduct of this segment of the population because they make lots of money on them. Then there’s the public sector that have tons of employees handling thousands of welfare cases compliments of this same segment of the population. Think of all of the agencies that are kept busy processing the actives/inactivities of these people. No wonder the town is often referred to as Welfare Bay.

      When 90% of the crime is carried out by 10% of the population 100% of the time, it becomes glaringly obvious that this segment of the population are a serious problem. But due to gutless Liberal govt’s criminal coddling policy and ill advised political correctness, , we cannot openly admit nor acknowledge that this segment of the population is a chronic and burdensome strain on society, law enforcement, EMS and the. judicial system.

      Just think, if this segment of the population behaved like the rest of civilized society, we’d have a 90% reduction in crime. We need a strong federal govt that’s willing to take back our courts and legal system. The first step is to eliminate this Gladue bullshit.

  7. Rex Please consider to run for PM next election. You definitely would get my vote and many more. This country is in such dire straits. We need more people like you who arent afraid to speak honestly and expose the counterfeit tales that are rotting this country so badly. If we wait for an honest politician from the current bunch, we will be extinct before anyone else on this planet realizes it.

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