UPDATE: 16-Year-Old Robbery Suspect Shot Numerous Times


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Yesterday officers with the Winnipeg Police Service responded to numerous 911 calls regarding an armed robbery in progress. The incident happened at a west-side 7-11 located at Ellis and Arlington.

Upon police arrival, they found a male suspect that appeared to be pounding on the window of the door, possibly making an effort to escape. Once police arrived and officers covered the front door, the suspect was let out and appeared to raise a knife in the air as he approached a police officer.


The police officer fired off his gun at the suspect. About 9 shots were heard ringing through the night.

Watch Clifford Boulanger’s video where the shooting is caught on camera:

Police have confirmed that the robbery suspect that at least one officer shot was a 16-year-old male and that he is in critical but stable condition.


The Province of Manitoba Independent Investigation Unit has started their investigation into the incident. Winnipeg Police say that they cannot comment too much on the matter as it is being investigated, but down below we have the press conference video.


Below you can see where officers started life-saving measures.

Police say that when they are approached by a male with a dangerous weapon, they have a responsibility to stop the threat, not to retreat. If they were to retreat and someone else were to be hurt, that would not be good. They are trained to draw their weapon and challenge the suspect to stop. If the suspect does not stop, they are trained to shoot.

When talking about why they didn’t shoot the suspect in the leg or shoot the knife out of his hand, the WPS indicated that their pistols are not like in the movies. When they shoot someone in an effort to stop them that multiple rounds are often needed. In a high-stress situation they say that their aiming becomes more difficult. More in the video.

Below is the Winnipeg Police Service press conference update regarding the incident. The officer explains the situation as best as he can with what appears to be clever workarounds regarding the inability to comment on the matter.

TRCC News wants to remind the public that photography is not a crime. Feel free to photograph and record video of any and all things in the public view, provided you are safe.

Police media release below:

On November 21, 2019, at 5:35 p.m. Winnipeg Police responded to multiple 911 calls regarding a Commercial Robbery in progress at a 7-11 located at Ellice Avenue and Arlington Street.

The first officer on the scene located an armed suspect within the front entrance of the store. The suspect exited the store with a weapon and advanced towards the officer. The suspect did not comply with the officer’s demands to drop the weapon and continued to advance toward him. At this point the officer discharged his weapon striking the suspect.

The 16-year-old male suspect was transported to hospital in critical condition. He remains in critical but stable condition.


One officer at the incident sustained an injury to this extremity. He was taken to hospital where he was treated and released.


The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) of Manitoba was notified and has assumed responsibility for the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.


9 Replies to “UPDATE: 16-Year-Old Robbery Suspect Shot Numerous Times”

  1. The cop must have been a sh!tty shot.

    Fired nine times at almost point blank range and the robber survived and is in stable condition? Hard to believe. Couldn’t have been hit too many times.

  2. Great job done by all officers involved.
    I hope that the officer that shot the suspect gets comfort and support from family, friends, and colleagues, as I am sure that shooting someone was not something him or any other officer wants to have to do. It must weigh heavy on his heart.

  3. That cop should get most competent officer of the year medal. About time these terrorist thugs were met with an apropriate response. A message needs to be sent to them that society has had enough of their terrorizing BS. Now all we need is some decent punishments for the judges to apply to those thugs.

  4. One officer was injured to the extremity after they shot the kid full of holes…or did he injure the cop after he was blasted full of holes… Is that even possible?!? Meth?? Im native thats crazy dont know what to think hope everyone is ok

  5. Damn that sucks he will survive.
    Would had been one less piece of garbage on the street.
    With a little luck, he will never walk again.
    A constant reminder of how your life can change in a split second.
    We don’t control our fates, but we do set the tone each and every day, how that day will turn out.
    Wrong decisions, stupidity, or utter retardation, this scum probably deserved each and every bullet he got.
    Unfortunately, he will think it’s cool.

  6. This cop sound really pissed with people shooting video of police in action. Makes it sound like they’re sticking their necks out by witnessing and recording police violence.

    Anyone with half a brain knows what his true motives are. Protecting cops conducting themselves inappropriately from being caught on camera. Seems he put more emphasis on that than the actual crime itself.

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