Truck Slams Into Adduono’s and Canadian Tire Tool Heist


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On December 6th, 2018 a 28-year-old Cheyenne Bannon was being chased by police while driving a green pickup truck. The chase took officers and Bannon down Vickers, ultimately the truck smashed into Adduno’s.
The chase started when a Thunder Bay Police Service officer observed a person who was possibly wanted and had outstanding arrest warrants shortly after 3:00 pm. Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop byt the suspect ignored the officers lights and siren before accelerating and speeding through a stop sign located at the intersection of Northern Avenue and Vickers Street North.

After this moment is when the truck slammed into the building at a high rate of speed, causing extensive damage. Police arrested Bannon at the scene of the accident.

Bannon appeared in a Justice Valente’s court this morning from the prisoners box in order to plead guilty. Crown Attorney Andrea Mason was prosecuting the case and veteran defence lawyer David Bruzzese was there advocating for Cheyenne Bannon. Bannon enters guilty pleas to several charges. Dangerous driving, obstruct police and a theft at Canadian Tire.

Bannon was arrested regarding a theft that took place at Canadian Tire which was mostly power tools. The theft amounted to just over $800.

A joint submission is put forth by the Crown Attorney and defence lawyer that would have Bannon serve 10 months for the dangerous driving charge, 2 months consecutive for the obstruct and a suspended sentence/probation for the theft. Court hears that Bannon will also be facing 10 year driving prohibition and will have to submit her DNA to the national DNA Database.

44 Days of Bannon’s presentence custody will be credited against her global jail sentence of 12 months. Addiction appears to be a driving factor behind the theft as Bruzzese recommends that Bannon spend some of her sentence at the Algoma Treatment Centre.

The Crown wants Bannon to pay back Canadian Tire for the lost items to the tune of over $800. A restitution order will be put on her probation.
Justice Valente states that Bannon has previous convictions for dangerous driving and flight from police. Those are aggravating factors to the court.

Bannon is ordered to remain in jail as her sentence and will likely be out before summer 2020.


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  1. ha ha what a joke, ten year driving prohibition? As if she will care about a drivers license. She should have been sent to prison for 10 years. That would have made more sense. She had a previous convictions for dangerous driving. WTF are the judges waiting for? For her to kill some innocent person I suppose.. If people in this city really knew how many of these scumbags are behind the wheel of vehicles in Dumpster Bay, they would never drive here. The cops must be too busy tracking down those assholes that do the liquor store thefts and other winos and crackheads to do proper traffic patrol. When was the last time you saw a radar set up? Everyone I ask says it has been quite awhile. Better invest in a good dash cam here.

    1. iseeuall Either you cant read or you are high on something or just like to makeup your own versions of other peoples comments. Where does it say in my post that 2 years for murder is appropriate? I dont see-it-at-all. If I believe she should get 10 years for this conviction can you not even fathom what I think is an appropiate sentence for a murder? Please get your facts correct before you challenge anyones comments ( especially mine ) because right now you are not thinking at all.

  2. Pretty lame punishment for her crimes. Two years would have gotten her attention. As it is, she’ll do a couple months at the correction centre pondering her next round of criminal activity. Being a repeat offender, It’s not like she learned anything from her previous “punishment”.
    As per usual, Gladue to the rescue!

  3. “wuv hims” makes me irrationally angry. Grow the hell up, speak like an adult, behave like an adult, and stop being an idiot.

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