Trap House Raid & Police Chase – RAFF


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have been slammed with tips regarding a northside New Years Day incident that unfolded dramatically.


Initially, we have been told, that officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) swarmed a well-known trap house on Wolseley and engaged a search.


What else has been said is that a man with current legal troubles surrounding a child having a gun shoved in their face, forcible confinement and death threats, was out on bail and police had chased his Audi while there was southern Ontario gang members in the Audi. A suspect was seen running from the Audi immediately after the crash. Police locked down the area and began a sweep of the area. We are not certain if any arrests have been made.

The male is currently out on bail pegged at $15,000 and has to reside in the bedroom across from his mommies bedroom.

Police were seen searching the house on Wolseley and soon after, the Audi that crashed through a snowbank at the corner of Angus and Cumberland.


Police had Angus closed to traffic between Cumberland and Court for a brief time while they assessed the situation.

We will be in bail court tomorrow to get further details as to what happened.

People believe that the black Audi that crashed into the snowbank belongs to Raffaele Mihaljevic, or his mom or whatever. It is unconfirmed if he was in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Above: Raff. Below: Raff.

We will follow up on this tomorrow or when new information becomes available.

UPDATE: A Facebook account with the same name as Raff is claiming that this Audi, which is identical to his or his mothers or whatever, might not be his. He hasn’t outright stated it tho. Curious to find out how this story unfolds.

Below is a photo Raff posted to Facebook in an attempt to prove he is at his mothers home “snuggled in a blankie”.


8 Replies to “Trap House Raid & Police Chase – RAFF”

  1. What is wrong in Thunder Bay???
    Why why why do they keep letting these pukes back out on the street? Stuff them in the overcrowded jail and let them sit and rot

  2. All I can say is with the amount of “traffic” go to and fro from his mothers house is staggering and i’m surprised the Police have not asked neighbours to put a camera up to watch.

  3. This asshole must have serious mental problems.

    Seems he has an uncontrollable desire to make to the big house.? I guess if he takes enough swings at it, he might get lucky and hit a JP or judge that will book his cell for him. Knowing Dumpster Bay JPs and judges though, it might take a lot of swings.

  4. You want to catch these gang members and low life’s then the police drug enforcement should put officers undercover in taxis wired with sound and camera. The information heard and filmed would reveal a lot. I myself have witnessed 2 black gang members get out of a cab this summer. Bag of drugs with guns under their shirts in broad daylight with kids riding their bikes on the sidewalk and they headed inside to setup their trap house for the days tax free proceeds.

    1. We had issues with black guys on broadmore getting outta cabs frequently over the last few years thank god the boys in blue put and end to it. But ya cabbies could show ya every drug house in Thunder Bay

  5. So they can have overcrowding in the hospitals, but not in the jails? I can’t see anything wrong with hallway justice.

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