TRAFFIC: Deer/Moose Splattered Between Balsam & Red River Road


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Reports have hit our newsroom about an animal being hit on Highway 11/17 between Red River Road and Balsam Street.

News tipster Kris Maksymiw reports that she believes a deer or moose was struck and that police are enroute to ensure public safety.


We responded to the scene and could see parts of an animal strewn across the roadway.

As we were in the left lane, passing the emergency responder that was pulled over, we witnessed multiple vehicles pass us in the right lane.

A number of these vehicles sped up to what appeared to be 100km/h or faster.


The law states that you must move over and slow down when emergency vehicles are pulled over. This includes yellow flashing lights.

A local small business was seen speeding and honking at us for switching to the left lane and slowing down as they sped up and passed us directly in front of the pulled over vehicle. We have reached out to the small business and asked them to educate their drivers. We will not be naming the business as this is a teachable moment.

Obey the law, slow down and move over for pulled over emergency vehicles.


2 Replies to “TRAFFIC: Deer/Moose Splattered Between Balsam & Red River Road”

  1. Likely a deer. Not many moose in the immediate vicinity of Dumpster Bay anymore and the deer population has exploded. .

  2. In terms of the degree of disregard for the #slowdownmoveover law, many drivers here in Ontario are no better than street racers featured on YouTube videos from SAUDI ARABIA!!!

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