Thunder Centre Purse Snatching Leaves Victim Distressed


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday, an elderly woman fell victim to a ruthless theft that left her out of some personal items.

A woman says that it happened in the parking lot near Michaels. The woman says that she heard a cry for help and rushed to assist the female victim of the purse snatching that had just taken place.


The suspect darted out of view between two cars and left the vicinity immediately. Speculation is that the purse was likely ransacked and any money went to either the Beer Store or LCBO located just meters away.

“The poor elderly woman is now without a way home because you took her car keys, phone, wallet and all other personal belongings she had in her purse.” the helpful woman who responded to the cry for help said in a social media post.

The incident is said to have happened in broad daylight around 4:00 pm on Saturday. Police have been notified and are investigating the incident.


It is recommended to not carry cash on you and ensure you stay aware of your surroundings. This could happen to anyone and unfortunately, it is yet another dead canary in the coal mine warning of a city with a seriously out of control addiction problem.


13 Replies to “Thunder Centre Purse Snatching Leaves Victim Distressed”

    1. Well, of course not. There is a media blackout being imposed in Dumpster Bay because too many are terrified that bogeyman called the big bad “R” will get you. They quake in their boots just at the thought of even being labelled as racist. Those brainwashed morons lack the analytical skills to realize when they have been had. They do not even know the correct definition of racism and just follow along like a bunch of well trained dogs. This trash is going on all across this hostage held country.

    2. Common what discription do you need. It’s obviously the same slime that hangs out over there causeing problems. I’m not going into further discription to avoid the cry’s about racism.

    3. My point exactly.

      It’s a terrible situation when authorities will not post a description of a brutal punk criminal just to protect race identification. The good ol’ 10%-90%-100% cover up.

      Rather than coddling these drunk/drugged criminal lowlifes, they should crack down hard on them for a sustained period of time to show them that criminals are not welcome in Dumpster Bay.

      But hey! That welfare money generates a lot of revenue for the city. NOT! It’s a false economy that only a few profit from.

  1. I confronted one of the street trash pukes lurking around the Walmart parking lot.
    People have to stop giving these pieces of shit money.
    They ask for spare change, the woman, pulls out their purse, then it gets snatched.
    Wish I would had witnessed this.
    But it would be a different headline.
    Guy stomps low life for stealing purse. Good guy in jail. Liberal law.

  2. Everyone should be allowed to defend themselves against these crack heads and scum bags without any legal consequences. No court no jail no charge, just let us defend ourselves

  3. I see home depot is building a fence between “the river” and their building. This might help keep the riff raff out of that area

  4. Remember the old cop shows where the cops would dress up as little old ladies that looked like easy targets? C’mon man! It isn’t that difficult. Put some spoiled meat in the trap and the rats will come out of the woodwork. When they do, taze the MF’er!

  5. This is just another example of why many people we know go to Duluth to do most of their shopping now. I try to avoid shopping in Dumpster Bay anymore either unless absolutey neccessary to buy a few perishables because 99.9% of the time I am either hassled by zombie bums mooching for their next fix or witnessing some scuzbag pissing on the sidewalk or staggering around or passed out. No shortage of disgusting performances here. We never get hassled in Duluth cause they dont put up with this shit. Try taking liquor out of store there and see what happens. You can bet your arse they wont be enforcing a no touch policy. As for a description of the purse snatcher, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out in Dumpster Bay.

  6. This is a nasty situation for the ppl of Thunder Bay, especially for our elders who are not strong/fast enough to defend themselves. Where did respect for elders disappear to, I wonder…???? I’m glad this lady is ok and wasn’t harmed, but she should have been able to go out shopping without any reservations of fear of what happened to her, happening all….this town and a lot of its youth (13-30) need a wake up call

  7. Think you people have problems with certain scumbag-elements? Try my corner of the world – South Africa… And no, there ARE some decent ones, but they are few and far between – this so-called “government” is now referred to as African National Corruption….

    1. UFEZELA A good friend of mine was born in SA. and enlightened me about that area. That being said, Canada is not better than SA. At least in SA, you abolished apartheid 30 years ago. Not so in Canada. Canada continues uphold discriminatory legislation and to reward and provide benefits to members of this country strictly based on their race. Instead of being the free and democratic country that we used to be, we are now an oligarchy in which the citizens freedom of speech is only valid as long as it follows the power players ideology. As for the crime rates reported here, they are no different from your area. .

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