Thunder Bay Woman Steals From Drug Dealer


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 30-year-old Thunder Bay woman has put herself in hot water with certain drugs dealers after stealing an amount of drugs valued in the 6 digits. D.B.
Sources indicate that the drug dealers were waiting on a package in the mail which contained a large amount of fentanyl, when the woman successfully intercepted the took the package.
People close to the woman tell us that she went on a bender and was gloating about her heist.
Word on the street is that a $20,000 reward has been put on the woman’s head and that she is aware of it.
The woman is likely in hiding, as the people she stole from are considered very dangerous.
It’s likely police are aware of the situation and are also attempting to find the woman to ensure her safety. The drug dealers are unlikely to report the stolen drugs to police.


7 Replies to “Thunder Bay Woman Steals From Drug Dealer”

  1. She is a very dumb twat. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know she most likely just bumped the que to the cemetary.
    Obviously she does not have to the brains to know that If you are going to kick the tiger in the head then you better be ready for its teeth.

    1. If every drugger and drug dealer knocked each other off tomorrow, it would be a great day for Dumpster Bay. Welfare recipients would be cut by 90%.

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