(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It appears more people are coming forward about their wallets and purses being stolen out from under their nose.
One woman reports that her mother was victimized at the Arthur Street Wal-Mart while in the parking lot. The woman says that a woman approached her and attempted to explain in broken English something about forgetting her coffee. After some brief interactions the suspect then hugged the woman while simultaneously heisting her wallet from her.
Thousands of dollars had been spent on her various cards within 10 minutes of this incident and apparently she was at least the second victim at this location that day.
Another woman reports that her purse was stolen right from her shopping cart while in the Metro at the same location. The woman confronted the suspect and he denied having  the purse. A 911 call was made and the suspect was followed to the Canadian Tire where police located the purse in a garbage can.
Police charged the person and they were found guilty in court.
Numerous parking lots across the city have been rampant with aggressive beggers and some witty, smooth talkers that all have the same goal in mind, getting your money. Stay safe and stay clear of these people. Do not be afraid to call police and announce that you are doing so if you feel even slightly threatened or in danger.
Expect more theft and related crimes to rise as crystal meth sweeps the region. This drug makes people do insane things to acquire their next hit. Even after lengthy periods of sobriety, Meth often pulls people back into addiction. Stay away from that garbage.