“The Source” Heist Arrest Made: Jason Ritchat


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On July 30th, 2019, a retail outlet located in Intercity Shopping Centre called “The Source” fell victim to a theft valued around $8,000. Police investigation has concluded that Jason Ritchat is believed to be the one responsible for the heist.
The reported theft had taken place just before 9 p.m. on July 30. A male had entered a back room of the store and stole a number of items.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service located Ritchat and made the arrest. He was held in police custody at the station for a bail appearance this morning in front of Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio. Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler, duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy and Michael “The Pit Bull” Hargadon’s assistant Blanco were also present in the court room.
Ritchat has been charged with the following criminal charges:

  • Theft over $5000.
  • Breaching probation order (keep the peace and be of good behaviour) x2.
  • Breaching probation order (report to probation).

The Crown tells the courts that there are primary and secondary ground concerns regarding the release of Jason Ritchat. Primary ground concerns arise from the failing to report breach allegation he is currently facing. Today, the Crown is opposing Ritchat’s release but would consider a surety release should a plan be proposed in the future.
Primary ground concerns means that the Crown believes the likelihood of the accused to return for court is substantially low. Secondary ground concerns indicate that the Crown believes there is a significant risk that the accused might re-offend or become a public safety concern should the accused be released.
Blanco requests a few moments to speak to the accused in privacy to discuss options. He enters the privacy room to call the accused on a private phone line to speak off the record. Upon his return some moments later, Blanco tells the court that he has obtained a couple phone numbers of Ritchat’s contacts that are possible sureties. A request to remand the matter until Tuesday to allow time to contact the proposed people is put before the court.
A surety is someone who will often pledge a certain dollar amount tied to a bail plan in order to help secure the release of an accused. The surety is tasked with the job of monitoring the accused once released to ensure they are following their bail conditions. Should the accused breach their release conditions, the surety is supposed to call the police to report the breach. Failure to function appropriately as a surety puts the cash they pledge at risk of being taken by the courts.
Justice of the Peace Donio grants the request and Ritchat is ordered to remain in jail until at least his next court appearance scheduled for Tuesday, where he will have another chance at being released.
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