The Nipigon Dog Sh*t Incident – Charges Laid


(NIPIGON, ON) – Have you ever had a dispute with a nearby neighbour and thought “I’m going to smear dog sh*t on their door!”. I can’t say I’ve thought about smearing it, but potentially just throwing it in their yard or at the door.

Taking the time to smear dog sh*t on someone’s door says a lot.

Allegations in court on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 are that Jennifer Hendrickson had an issue with someone and between June 2019 and October 2019, had smeared dog sh*t on the persons door. Further, it is alleged that she had criminally harassed the person to the point they feared for their safety on January 27th, 2020. Further yet, she was also charged with operating a conveyance in a manner that was dangerous to the public.

Hendrickson appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom in front of Justice of the Peace Ray Zuiliani. Crown Attorney Heather Brachen was also present along with expert criminal defense lawyer Patricia Vo acting as duty counsel.

Hendrickson is facing the following list of charges stemming from the incidents:

  • Mischief.
  • Criminal harassment.
  • Operate a conveyance in a manner dangerous to the public.

The Crown informs the court that Hendrickson is in a “Crown-onus” situation, which means that the burden falls on the Crown to show the court why the accused should remain in jail. Court hears that the Crown intends to do just that. A request is put forward that would prohibit Hendrickson from contacting or communicating with 3 people during her time in jail.

Duty counsel requests that Hendrickson be scheduled for a bail hearing on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020. Both requests are granted.

Hendrickson is ordered to remain in jail until at least her bail hearing. She is set to be transported to the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre where she will remain until at least that hearing.


7 Replies to “The Nipigon Dog Sh*t Incident – Charges Laid”

  1. That pile of shit looks a lot like most of the criminals that are so often exposed on this site. Too bad it din’t have a hand sticking out of it giving the world the “finger”.

    1. You nailed it Rex. All the shit that is taking place in this festering town is the result of a bunch of invading brainf*#ked trash. We were a great town before that. Now this town is just one big shit filled toilet. Talk about a toxic environment. If there was a plebiscite to see if the name should be changed from Thunder Bay to either #1 Dumpster Bay or #2 Shitholeville, I would bet on #2 LOL

  2. Why don’t people mind there business there is a lot more to this story can drop names and shit but this woman has problems there one thing to have a fight with someone but to scare the shit out of kids you have issues this is discussing and that just shows what kind of person she really is sick she needs help

  3. My yard is completely fenced in, but by chance if my dog defecated on my neighbour’s lawn and I failed to notice it, I would hope the neighbour would just tell me to please clean up the mess. I would apologize and immediately clean up the mess. If the neighbour, rather than talking to me, smearing feces on my door, I would go to his door and apologize, asking him to please in the future do not hesitate to verbally tell me about the dog feces on his lawn. Then go back and clean off the feces on my door and any dog feces on his lawn. Hopefully, that would resolve the problem.

    1. I had someone leave a broken bucket of horse poop in my driveway…..even though I was keeping an eye on her house while she was away for weeks…big snowstorm before I could clean up…..OOPS…my bad…… just come to my house and ask/remind me to clean up….. so sorry…. but you didn’t need to leave the bucket in my driveway…..meanwhile, you don’t pay a nickel towards us keeping the road outta’ here plowed out all winter….. just sayin’…..

    1. A blast from the past was putting shit in a paper bag, setting it on the victim’s steps, lighting it on fire, ringing the doorbell and watching them stomp it out!!!

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