The Devil Won’t Behave, Back Behind Bars


(KENORA, ON) – How does the song go? The devil went down to the Kenora district Jail? or whatever. Anyways, 38-year-old Robert “The Devil” Sean Martell has wound up back behind bars yet again.

This guy is alleged to have been misbehaving at the Ne Chee Bail Supervision program. It’s kind of like a “John Howard” thing, where criminals and such will get granted bail provided they follow the rules of the program and sometimes live in their building. Well, Allegations are that he was assaultive with other residents, screaming, yelling and swearing at staff and residents. Basically unruly.


Martell is absolutely no stranger to the criminal justice system with his 4 page criminal record with quite a few assaults among other convictions. More on this at the end of the article where we have some history of him.

On November 16th, 2019, officers with the Kenora detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police arrested Martell on allegations that he was not following the rules of the Ne Chee Bail Supervision Program. He appeared in a Thunder Bay court room via telephone call from the Kenora OPP detachment.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and a duty counsel representative.




October 8, 2018

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 37-year-old Robert Martell appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning via a telephone call from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre to face a new charge which was laid against him. Martell was featured on the Wanted Wednesday program.

Martell was allegedly having seizures while in custody and needed to be transported to the hospital for a medical examination.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding, along with Crown Attorney Jane-Ann McGill and duty counsel lawyers Andrew Desmoulin and Arturo Acosta.

Martell was previously arrested and released after an alleged aggravated assault that occurred during an apparent drug deal gone wrong. He failed to appear in court for a November 1, 2017 appearance and was picked up on the strength of a warrant.

Further new allegations are that Martell was at a local building on August 12th, and stole some security camera’s, while damaging others.

His new charges are:

  • Theft under $5000 (security cameras)
  • Mischief causing damage under $5000 (security cameras)
  • Failure to appear in court

He still has his previous outstanding charge before the court as well, which is:

  • Aggravated assault

The Crown indicates that this is a reverse onus situation and that they intend to put Martell to his onus. A reverse onus situation means that Martell has to show the court why he should be released.


Further, a no-contact order with 4 people is requested by the Crown, which will ban Martell from contacting these individuals while he is in custody.


Duty counsel indicates that he has already spoken to Martell and that he will be contacting his lawyer of choice to inform him of Martell’s arrest. A request for the matter to be remanded until October 10th is put forth by duty counsel.

Justice of the Peace Caron grants the requests by both the Crown and Duty counsel, then orders Martell to remain in custody pending his October 10th court date.

Martell will remain at the hospital until he is medically cleared, in which he will make his way to the Thunder Bay District Jail to await his October 10th appearance.


January 3rd, 2019.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Today at the Thunder Bay Courthouse in courtroom 102 appeared a 37-year-old Robert Sean Martell from the prisoner’s box. He has very distinctive tattoo’s on his forehead which appear to be devil horns, he is also sporting neck tattoos and his left hand also has tattoos on it.

His Honour, Justice Dino DiGiuseppe was presiding over courtroom 102 today, along with Provincial Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and defense lawyer Karen Scullion.

Martell’s court appearance starts with him pleading guilty to the following charges:

  • Theft under $5000 (security cameras)
  • Mischief causing damage under $5000 (electrical components of security cameras)
  • Failed to attend court
  • Resisting police by attempting to run away

He also has a charge of Aggravated Assault, but that is not being disposed of today.


Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore begins reading in the agreed statement of facts that Martell is pleading guilty to and admitting to.

On August 15th, 2017 a person attended a Frederica Street address and noticed that some cameras were missing from the residence. The victim believed that Martell was a suspect as they have been having issues with him. A quick glance of the video footage that was recovered showed Martell tampering with the cameras before they were disconnected.

Martell was easily identified by not only the very distinctive devil horn tattoos on his forehead, but also by the victim because they were known to each other. It is very apparent that Martell was the perpetrator of this crime.

Martell failed to appear in court for his own preliminary hearing, which was admitted.

On October 22nd, 2018 around 9:39 pm, The Thunder Bay Police Service was dispatched to the 800 block of May Street regarding a male and female in black clothing that had not paid their cab fare. The responding officers approached the accused who identified themselves as Robert Martell and a female named Rayleen Meekis.

The taxi cab driver approached the scene and confirmed that these people had not paid their cab fare. City police had confirmed Martell’s identity at this point by a niche report and realized he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Police informed Martell that he was under arrest.

Martell began to tense up and said “I ain’t going to jail”. He was informed several times by police that he was going to be arrested. Martell continued to tense up further and clenched his fist. At that point officers placed their hands on his arms in which Martell attempted to run away.

A brief foot chase to apprehend Martell was underway and ended a short 10 meters away from the scene in which officers took Martell down to the ground. Officers were demanding Martell to put his hands behind his back, but he refused to do so. Police responded by striking Martell 3 times in an effort to get him to comply with their demands. Martell complied.

Martell was extremely agitated throughout this encounter, including during his free ride to the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.


Defence Lawyer Karen Scullion begins the joint submission by mentioning that Martell is from a First Nations community in Saskatchewan. He was shuffled around as a child between various caregivers and was the victim of abuse before he was 10-years-old. His parents were in residential schools and he was raised mainly by his drug addicted father.

Martell feels like he has raised himself since about 10 years old. He is now on Suboxone and is battling his own addiction. Currently he is sober and has a relationship with someone who is sober. At the moment he is extremely motivated to do better. The court hears that he is an amazing father.

He has 2 teenage children, a toddler, and an infant child. He missed his court date as one of his children had passed away. His partner is present in the body of the court and is supportive of him.

Martell claims through his lawyer that he has independently arranged to have rehabilitation services started once he sorts out his court matters.

Martell has spent 87 real days in jail, and it is asked that his time spent behind bars be enhanced on a 1 to 1.5 basis. It is suggested that he serve 6 months in jail total for these charges he has plead guilty to.

Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore expands on defence lawyer Karen Scullions submissions by clarifying that Martell will receive 90 days for failing to attend court, 30 days for mischief and theft, and 60 days for the obstruct police charge. Fillmore tells the court that Martell is well-aware of how the criminal justice system works and that when he is under arrest that it is not a negotiation.

Fillmore acknowledges that the police have a tough enough job as it is, and that Martell could have saved himself some considerable grief had he just accompanied the police when he was advised he was under arrest.


Justice Dino DiGiuseppe asks Martell if he has anything he wants to say to the court. He declines.

The Justice grants the enhanced credit for his pre-sentence custody and the 6 month global sentence for Martell. This leaves him with 49 real days left to serve.

The Judge inquires about when Martell’s next courtdate will be, as he still has an outstanding Aggravated Assault charge. His future court date is set to January 24th, 2019. Martell is escorted back into the courthouse basement holding cells. He will continue to serve his time in custody.




1 ½ cup cake and pastry flour

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½ cup hot, strong brewed coffee

½ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 large large eggs, room temperature

Fudge Frosting

12 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped

1 ¾ cup whipping cream

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The cake will keep, refrigerated, for up to 3 days.


September 5th, 2019 via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition




On Friday August 30,2019 NAPS Officers responded to an assault call at a home on the North Spirit Lake to find a woman had been assaulted with a baseball bat.


It is alleged that a prolonged assault occurred with the baseball bat and he threatened to use a metal pipe on the woman.

Some of you may recall that MARTELL has an extensive criminal record, more recently here in Thunder Bay. He was released from custody not long ago.

MARTELL was flown to the Kenora Jail where he remains in custody. Another great job by hardworking NAPS Officers

October 6th, 2019

(RED LAKE, ON) – 38-year-old Robert Sean Martell, who made splashes on social media when his mugshot appeared on the Thunder Bay Police Service’s “Wanted Wednesday” program, has once again wound up behind bars. His image went viral as he has what appears to be devil horns tattooed on his forehead.

Martell was recently arrested after allegations arose that he assaulted a woman with a baseball bat for a prolonged period of time, as reported first by the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition. There was also threats to use a metal pipe on the woman.

Hardworking officers with the Red Lake detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police have arrested and detained Martell following allegations that he was consuming or possessing alcohol on October 4th and October 5th. He was on bail conditions not to be doing such things.

His Worship, Regional Senior Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over court this morning along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel representative.

The Crown states that Martell is in a reverse-onus situation, which means that Martell will have to show the courts why he should be released. Further, the Crown tells the court that they intend to show cause as to why Martell should remain in jail.

Martell is ordered to remain in jail and is scheduled to appear in a Kenora bail court on Monday for another swing at getting released from jail,yet again. He will be held at the Kenora District jail in the meantime.




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