TBPS Response to the youth/spit/strike


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Below is the Thunder Bay Police Service’s response to the incident involving spit and a strike.

Before the police response to the video, here is the video:



On Saturday December 1st, 2018 at 7:25 pm, Thunder Bay Police Service officers responded to a call to assist paramedics regarding an injured adult female at a residence in the 400 block of Egan Street.

The woman was transported to hospital by Superior North EMS for non-life threatening injuries.


While on scene, an intoxicated 17-year-old female was located inside the residence.


While being readied for transport to hospital, a female Uniform Patrol officer is seen to be in physical contact with the youth.

A video showing a portion of the incident was captured and posted on social media.

Chief of Police Sylvie Hauth ordered an immediate investigation into this incident and shares the community concerns regarding the video showing the interaction between the officer and the youth.

The officer involved in this incident has been served with a notice of investigation in accordance with the Police Services Act.  The officer is currently off duty.

This is a very active and ongoing investigation.

We will provide updates as the investigation progresses.

Given the very public nature of this incident, we are aware of threats through social media against our officers.

These threats are also being investigated with the assistance of social media providers.

Source: TBPS

The officer is likely off-duty with pay while this investigation is ongoing.




13 Replies to “TBPS Response to the youth/spit/strike”

  1. Sounds like the cop’s in a thinly veiled threat will do the same to anyone taking exception to this police behavior.

  2. The police officer was out of hand and if she was professional she would of handled it in different way to this teen as she is the adult. I think everyone will look more into this matter a wake-up in this city. Try googling this video “Indigenous people speak out about Thunder Bay police – the fifth estate” this is why many of the NAN leaders are expressing outrage in this area.

    1. If someone spits in your face your are going to react. Not saying her reaction is appropriate, but to constantly bring up that the girl is FN and implying that is the reason for it is out of line.

    2. To bob… as a medical professional I’m spit at *regularly*. I’m also kicked at, sworn at, swatted at, punched at, have had objects thrown at me, etc etc etc. I don’t love it. *It’s part of treating people affected by substances*. In the hospital when this happens, security escorts the patient off the property if they are able to leave, or the patient is restrained. Often they are charged with assault. That’s it. If I slapped a patient in retaliation or *choked* a patient (no less a MINOR patient) I’d be let go. Fired. And it would be justified. Staff members retaliating? NO.

      NO police officer has the right to retaliate in the way shown in the video. EVER. N-E-V-E-R.

      If this officer can’t handle the job she *needs a new line of work*. You are on the job to show compassion and care. Patience and professionalism- even when no one is looking. ESPECIALLY when no one is looking. This time lots of people saw it.

      I’m appalled at this video and utterly disgusted and disenheartened at the people of Thunder Bay who are excusing this TBPS officer’s actions.

  3. My children know that if you spit in anyone’s face you’d better expect a reaction?But spitting in a police officers face is stupid .Make this a life lesson and that are consequences for your actions .if any of my children spat in an officers face I’d expect a slap

  4. Spitting on an officer is assault.
    Why bring up racism? Why keep fanning the flames of hate?
    Media and people who continually try to assign a race angle to this are perpetrating and even encouraging discrimination based on race.
    All I see in this video is someone spitting on a police officer (assault) and the officer striking back (retaliation). Perhaps the officer had been spit on before and found out the spitter had HIV or some other communicable disease. We don’t know.
    I would’ve retaliated in a much harsher manner. Spitting is dangerous, disgusting and worse than a punch in the mouth.
    Call it even and move on.

    1. Because we all know if she was caucasion this would not of happen that officer showed hate towards the young girl with being hostile that’s the realality. But no adolescent and child should be treated with this kind of abuse by a grown adult who knows better between right and wrong.

  5. Spitting can be construed as assault….especially if a person is Hep C or HIV positive. Not saying the young lady is either of these , but how does the officer in question know this?. Taking this into account using universal precautions , If the officer covers the mouth of the spitter that is reasonable defense against assault.

    1. Ok a couple things here. I totally agree with Jay on this. Why is nobody focusing on that issue? To me that’s the worse of the two incidents by far. What if this officer does contract a disease from this then what? Not like she asked for it she was assaulted with the spit first. Secondly to the person that said if it was a white girl this wouldn’t have happened, you’re wrong the police will treat anyone the same way in those situations. I’ve seen cops being hard ass on white girls and guys who deserved it. So that argument is null and void. Thirdly just because the girl is 17 doesn’t make her an innocent helpless “child”. She’s months away from being a legal adult so let’s give that argument up also. At 17 you know better than doing shit like that to anyone never mind a police officer. Again people let’s remember the girl admitted she deserved it.

  6. why is a 17 YEAR OLD DRUNK, why did she show no RESPECT for the people trying to help her…T B, AIDES, ETC, ON THE NEWS EVERYDAY…..THE officer did her job as she should, if the inddigenous population find this hard to accept, too bad I would expect any officer to do the same to me if not worse for this blatant stupid act. If the officer would have put tape over her mouth would that have been better? if indigenous don’t like our police then stay out of trouble or get your own force simple
    oh ya, they call it RACISM… good word when used correctly..in this case it does not apply stupidity is a much better word, that is why
    she is going to school too learn the difference
    PS I was in res school for a number of years and I have no indian blood, I respect my brothers who where in there with me back in the 40’s….never ever have I heard anyone mention non indians who suffered in res school along side there brothers and sisters now that is RACISM

  7. I also want to say this: for every single one of these comments asking why this 17 year old is drunk and asking where her guardians are etc etc you have quite obviously NOT worked in the medical field in Thunder Bay over a weekend.
    This is NOT a racially exclusive event: every single weekend teens of all races are brought in or treated for alcohol and substance related issues. This absolutely by no means a First Nations issue. Students from ALL high schools and demographics binge drink and exhibit these same behaviours. You need to get off your high horses here. This officer didn’t just strike a patient, she actually pinned her to a gurney. These youth already don’t trust police, and it’s no surprise.

    1. Lauren, you’re exactly right. EVERY race out there has done this. The ONLY reason this is such a heated topic is because right off the bat the Natives are playing the race card ‘again’.
      Fiddler immediately played that card and is still playing it.

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