UPDATE: TBPS Officer Dragged Along by Vehicle


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – An officer with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) is lucky that he did not sustain life-threatening injuries during on incident Saturday night.

Party-goers that were on the patio of the Pier 61 (bar attached to the Midtown) say that they witnessed a vehicle getting pulled over.


When an officer approached the drivers side door, discussions took place between the driver and the officer.

Soon after the officer appeared to be struggling with the driver as they were in the vehicle, possibly attempting to remove the person from the car or turn off the ignition according to witnesses. That’s when the driver threw the vehicle in “drive” and fled the scene, dragging the officer along for the ride while still on the outside of the vehicle.

The officer fell onto the roadway after being dragged down Cumberland for an undetermined distance, but not very far.


We believe that the suspect was still at-large in the public as of about 6:00 am this morning, as no one with charges that would match this incident appeared in court. We are working hard to follow up on this incident.


UPDATE: Police media release below confirms what we reported on.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers on patrol in the zero-to-100 block area of Cumberland Street North spotted a vehicle just after midnight on Sunday, Dec. 8 that had been reported stolen earlier.

After confirming the vehicle was reported stolen, officers pulled up beside it with their emergency lights on.

Two females — one passenger and one driver – were in the vehicle as police approached.

The passenger exited the vehicle, however, the driver became uncooperative and began to struggle with one of the responding officers.

The driver put the vehicle in to drive and sped northbound on Cumberland Street, dragging an officer with her for a short distance before he fell off the vehicle.

The driver of the stolen vehicle also collided with the passenger-side of a police vehicle while fleeing the area.

Despite the dangers of this incident, the officer did not sustain significant injuries during this altercation.

The police vehicle was damaged as a result of the collision.


The Thunder Bay Police Service continues to investigate this incident and is working toward identifying the female driver who fled from police.


The stolen vehicle is described as a dark grey 2018 or 2019 four-door Toyota Corolla. No suspect description is available at this time.


7 Replies to “UPDATE: TBPS Officer Dragged Along by Vehicle”

  1. Hope the officer is ok. What’s it going to take for these kids to smarten up. Stiff long term jail sentences. Build more jail’s. I’m happy to spend my tax dollars on that. These officer’s are working dangerous jobs to protect , let’s give them the credit they deserve. Where would we be without laws. I for one am greatfull for the very blankets and safety our hard working men and women on the force provide. Thanks be safe.

    1. Caning should be standard punishment for juvenile crime. When the cane is used, there is very little crime. Singapore is a prime example.

    2. Public caning indeed.

      Nothing like having your ass smacked repeatedly in front of hundreds of people to teach an asshole a bit of humility and respect for the law.

      Should have lotteries or auctions to offer people opportunities to wield the cane. Pay so much per whack! Proceeds go to police budget. Dumpster Bay would become popular for “ass whooping” parties, legal style.

    3. I hope the officer is not hurt too. Never mind building more jails. Let the scum rot in the jails we currently have. Maybe the trash will take itself out faster that way. Spend the money on better equipment and better safety for the guards. Spend money on more officers who are out numbered by these thugs. The laws need to go back to protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. Right now it is reversed.

  2. If this idiot driver pulled this off in the U.S., he’d be shot. Got to hand it to the cop for not pulling his gun and putting a few rounds into the back of the vehicle.

    Hope the punk asshole is caught and severely punished.

  3. It should be mandatory that for WHATEVER REASON THOSE CUFFS TIGHTEN UP AROUND YOUR WRISTS, 1 MONTH, AUTOMATICALLY. I know yall gonna start bitching and whining to my posts but it’s true, nobody is gonna learn a lesson until they go to jail for a good amount of time and hopefully the boys in the big house straighten you up. Just like that old Granny who hit that car and drove away today, I don’t care about her age, she fled the scene of a crime, a hit and run, knowing that she hit the other veichle. Watch the video, someone like that that makes the cops chase them and waste their time looking for said person, 3 months. Lock granny up and take her license away

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