Syndicate Ave Baseball Bat Beat Down – Not Expected to Live


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Overnight last night, two suspects entered a home in the 300 block of Syndicate Ave North.

Armed with a baseball bat and possibly a hammer, the two suspects, one alleged to be Cody Echum, beat a male severely and it is believed they robbed him of a sum of money.


The victim had just gotten a land claim settlement payout which was in the thousands of dollars range.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service and paramedics with Superior North EMS rushed to the scene and then rushed the baseball bat beating victim to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency department.

Sources indicate that the young man who was critically injured during the baseball bat beating is not expected to live.


Our Mayor, city council, and other regional politicians have yet to say something meaningful and recent about the out-of-control crime that Thunder Bay is deep in the grasps of. Sources indicate that they may be more concerned with putting out a false image of our city rather than addressing the reality that is Thunder Bay.


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    1. @ Greg “Wtf does that do your a fucking dumbass” well if you do it right it will stop this little punk bitch from hurting anyone else. Hard to swing a bat when you’re a drooling vegetable sitting in a wheelchair. Dumbass.

  1. 10-90-100.

    Condolences to family and friends of the victim.

    How many murders will it take for our city officials and NAN leadership to get off of their lazy asses and do something meaningful to deter crime.

    The dirty secret is out. Dumpster Bay has been the murder capital of Canada for three years running and it’s off to a terrible start in 2020 already! What reputation is there to save?

    I wouldn’t doubt that our city officials would want to keep this likely brain dead victim on life support for the year to avoid another murder statistic. Disgusting.

    1. Omg you really think “government officials” can keep someone alive to avoid statistics
      You clearly have no idea how things work

    2. Actually Lori, It would appear the you’re the naive one who doesn’t know how things work.

      If you read my message again. It says “would want”. It doesn’t say they can.

      You have no idea how govt, city officials, police and fire department manipulate data to show what they want us to see. Rest assured that what they show us and what really happens are far from being accurate.

  2. Past experience has shown us that most politicians are not willing to risk their pensions or paychecks even commenting on any of the crap that is happening all across this country. Nevermind expecting them to actually get to work on solving the issues. They just look the other way and hope that the latest incident will just fizzle after a few days and then it will be business as usual for them. Those politicians are so out of tune with the rest of society and they think people will continue to blindly follow them and their dumb policies. It will not surprise me one bit when what is taking place in Hong Kong and often Paris happens in Canadian cities after people who have had enough of the crime, the corruption, the inequality of benefits and the lame judicial system demand change. It might take awhile but that runaway train is on its way.

  3. Council just awaiting a total system failure prior to calling in the military due to state of emergency. Things will change when martial law and curfews are set. We have very little ‘freedom’ within our neighbourhoods as it stands now. Soon, you won’t be allowed outside of your house.

  4. Fucking classy thunder bay a young child killed what within 8-9 hours of 2020 and now possibly another. Losers!!!

    1. You wouldn’t believe the atrocities that go on in this ass-wipe town. If it wasn’t for Pino uncovering the disgusting behaviour of so many lowlife drugged up crackhead murderers and thieves we’d never know what was going on. Dumpster Bay is crawling with this vermin and it’s all our cops can do to keep up. Our local mainstream “media” do what they’re told to do by influential citizens to suppress anything negative going on in the city.

      The courts are a f*cking joke and a slap in the face to the hard working officers risking their lives trying to contain this mess.

      Local politicians, City and NAN leadership are doing what they do best, giving themselves colonoscopies with their heads so far up their asses.

      Not sure how many murders and violent assaults will be required to have so called “leadership” taking charge and doing something? I guess it will take a cop getting killed in action or maybe a judge or local politician getting their home broken into, or personally assaulted before they realize the extent of the problem? Until then, it’s every man for himself in this violent shit hole.

    2. The only ones to blame here are the people that went in and actually committed the crime. When I grew up or to this day I would never even thought of trying to do anything like this. Start with the people doing the crimes. As far as I’m concerned you are responsible for your own actions and nobody else.

    1. They should of have nevwr taken the hells angels out of tbay..atleast the was somewhat gangs where here… barely heard of murders n senseless. beatings or robbings..i bet tbay police regret not havin them around…its gettin to be rediculis..people dont wanna even go out..maybe tbey also need vigilantes to help take out the trash.

  5. Classic selfie with the toilet ..
    Enjoy the murder sentence !

    Condolences to the family of the victim.

    Sadly, this crap is only going to get worse.
    There’s money in them thar hills.

  6. The Mayor is a useless joke.
    The council consists of 2 actual members that openly discuss the crime problem in this shit hole.
    Thunder Bay voters, you need to address this issue. You are just as guilty as these useless politicians for sweeping this shit under the rug.
    You know why?
    Cuz you voted the idiots in.

    Show these morons that your sick of it.
    Get rid of anyone over 45 years old in council, because they are obviously out of touch with our reality here.
    Fresh faces, members that share this planet with us.

    1. Voting isn’t going to get them off council. It’s a conspiracy. They need to wipe the slate clean and get a whole new council team. They should be governed by a term, and not allowed to monopolize a seat on the bench indefinitely!!! Our city council needs some new blood. Out with the old and in with the new. Things need to change!!!!

    1. No?

      The assailants aren’t FN?

      Alvin Fiddler isn’t Grand Chief of NAN and responsible for the governance and conduct of FN people?

      Please do explain how this has nothing to do with NAN?

  7. They got to stop letn the murderes and dealers outta of jail within 24 hrs..we need a bigger jail built…its no longer safe to even walk the streets alone anymore..the city really needs to figure it out and fast…

    1. NAN and Fiddler are only concerned with the reserves and the residents on it (Which we all know is B.S.). Once the people leave the reserves they are no longer the concern of NAN and Fiddler , kinda like downloading the problem but with people . There’s no money to be made on the junkies and alkies in town so you don’t hear from them .

  8. Our mayor and council do NOT care one bit about residents of this city…it appears they are all just out for thier own agendas, and it’s quite clear we are of no interest to them…make me for one, sick…our new mayor hides in his office and then goes home to a safe area, why should he worry about all the shit happening to us 😡😡😡😡😡

    1. That is what happens when Liberals are elected to Municipal councils , When will Tbay ever learn ? Mauro has been nothing but a silent court jester who will not rock the politically correct boat along with the aspiring future MP’s and MPP’s that infest our council chambers .

  9. bring in the military to clean up this crap town with orders to use lethal force to get rid of all the scum. All gang members to be shot on site. Enough is enough. Corrupt politicians, no judicial system and police with hands tied will not save this city from crime only military law with orders to clean all crap from our streets will show any signs of getting back to us living in a safe environment

    1. Fedup I agree with you that is what is required to flush this toilet once and for all but if you think for even a nonosecond that Turdeau or any other politician would actually have the balls to take the bull by the horn you are very mistaken. I hate to sound so pesimsitic but this shit is going to continue for a very long time until enough citizens start demanding change as in places like Hong Kong. The majority of politicians in this country are nice and cozy living the life in their own worlds and couldnt give a fart over what other people experience. The crime is beyond just being out of control in so many places and unfortunately Thunder Bay lacks both leadership on every front and the actual resources to deal with it. In other words, politely spoken we are ALL F*#ked.

  10. Prayers and concern for the family of this young man. Also prayers for the families of the perpetrators. Their hearts must be broken, as well.
    I agree that there must be harsher penalties for crimes. The judicial system is very slow and lenient here. I have been in other parts of the world where the penalty for theft is cutting off the thief’s hand. They have no stealing there. I am not advocating amputations but what penalties are we administering?
    The sentences are very light and most of the time, plea bargaining or dismissal is the end result. I see that most criminals are let go or not really sought by law enforcement in the first place, in Thunder Bay.
    We demand a step-up and crack-down by law enforcement, legislation of stiff penalties for all crimes and long prison terms. If we need a bigger jail, then tax away!

  11. The person/s who committed this crime is to blame. Making people take responsibility for their own actions is what needs to be done. Enforcing penalties that are equal across all walks of life. This is 2020. People scream equality yet when it comes to punishment they want the oh poor me book of excuses. To many right field do gooders who are standing up for these punks in court about why we should continue to wipe their assess.

  12. I can’t believe that the writer is actually naming the name of the young man of who supposedly committed this crime. Would he have named this person if the was a Caucasian or a person of stature? Prisons will not help our people heal. The racism, poverty, police brutality, oppression and marginalization towards Indigenous has created anger and dysfunction. It is everyone’s responsibility to combat these problems. NAN, the city and all residents of the city have to unite. Non-Indigenous people need to show acceptance of the First Nation people in that city. There are huge learning institutions in that city, I haven’t heard much from them on these big issues. Aren’t they supposed to educate?

    1. Sorry to have to say this Marie, but your never ending cycle of self pity and reluctance to accept responsibility for the actions of your people is where the problem lies. You’ve had many decades and generations to put down the crying towel and join society. However, it appears that old habits are hard to break.

      Please explain something to me? Why do the FN tribes in Southern Ontario conduct themselves in a far more civilized and conventional manner? Why do we not hear of reports multiple murders, non-stop horrendous violence, and epidemic alcohol and drug abuse from those FN people? Could it be that they’ve embraced modern society and are succeeding in life because of it?

      Your excuses are tired, old and ineffective. Time to stop whining and to start taking steps to improve your situation in life instead of constantly looking to blame others for self inflicted misfortune.

    2. Marie Concerned, You dont understand piss-all. The reason many native people are living in squalor is because they are a pawn and very much needed to keep the cash flow happening. Plain and simple. The reserves we hear about and the media exposes on a regular basis is a result of a lack of accountability, mismanagement of billions of dollars, corruption and nepotism. There are other reserves in this country where they do not have the trash and corruption we are continually bombarded with. How many of those are shown on by the media. Those chiefsare honest and genuinely want their members to succeed. The other reserves where the members live in abject poverty have had billions of dollars and decades to get it right but for some reason the issues remain the same despite all the time and money handed over to them. Over 50 years ago The Sr Trudeau when he was prime minister, tried to help Natives become equal with other Canadians and certain native leaders were having no part of it. They were not about to part with their cash for life benefits. It is greedy chiefs like them who are responsible for most of the natives on the bottom of the pole remaining marginalized. The guys at the top controlling the purse strings are doing quite well and as long as there is money to be made for them, they dont give a fart how it is made. Look up the word Machiavelian. As for your whine about racism, it is old and stale and most people are bored by it now. The word has been abused over and over.

  13. Memorial bus at Intercity around 6-7 you’ll see a group get on the bus at the mall they had a baseball bat in a bag on the bus. Check the cameras! You’ll see my partner a big guy go from the front to the back door hop off and grabbed his bike off the front of the bus cause that group goes around beating robbing other dealers or people! Check the cameras you’ll find proof!

  14. How can you blame the town council for this shit. It is the people that moved to Toilet Bay in the last few years that are killing people and causing all the problem. Check the stats. What do you expect the local officials to do ? The laws mean nothing to these people. Ban narcan and the problem will eventually go away.

  15. This once beautiful vibrant city is now a dumping ground for individuals who only care about where they are going to get their next bottle of booze or drugs. This city is disgusting now. You cant go anywhere without someone trying to bum money or cigarettes or food from you. I witnessed 2 native boys steal a basket FULL of hamburger meat. I called the grocery store security but they couldn’t do anything. They dont even have security staff there. Who pays for this? We do. Honest taxpaying working class citizens who are just trying to survive and raise their family in a safe environment. Hell, I took the kids to swim at the complex and there was a man overdosing on the bench outside the front door. I dont know what the solution is but it sure isnt enabling them. Huge detox centers maybe…enforced by the courts. Harsher penalties for the murderers here. Clean up this town before there wont be a town left. Picture a zombie apocalypse except its murderers, thieves, druggies and alcoholics.

  16. murder sentence lmao it will be revealed that he had a hard upbringing and that he did not get hit hard enough with a bat when he was younger

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