Suspected Arson, Numerous Fires in Simpson Street Area


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another fire has burst into reality on Simpson Street this year. Residents in the area claim that there have been about 7 fires in the area within recent times and are highly suspect that an arsonist is at work.

Firefighters with the Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue responded early monday morning after reports came in of a structural fire at Tech1 Auto located on Simpson Street.

Multiple 911 calls were made around 1:24 am regarding the flames blazing up the building, which is located in the 500 block of Simpson Street.

Upon hardworking firefighters responding to the scene, they noticed heavy smoke billowing from the building along with large flames raging at the back of the building A second alarm was called at this point, which has another 3 fire trucks respond with the men and women on board to help assist.

Firefighters managed to quickly cool the fire and save most of the building. Investigations are continuing but arson is highly suspected.

Sources indicate that another building was torched in the area about 2 hours earlier and that this is the 7th fire in the area in the last 3 weeks. This fire is being considered the work of an arson by those in the know.


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  1. Two fires in one night and seven fires in three weeks in the same area? I’d say arson is probable. No security cameras anywhere picking up suspicious activities?

  2. Nice to see the area someone decluttered in just a few weeks. A lot of those buildings have been boarded up for over 20 years

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