(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A strong police presence was felt at the notorious Oddfellows building in the south downtown core this afternoon.

Multiple police cruisers, an ambulance and fire truck responded to the scene which unfolded around 2:30 pm today.


A citizen in the area said they heard commotion happening inside the building. UPDATE: We have now heard from multiple people from the building that the commotion was a drug overdose.

One person was treated on scene and was transported to the hospital in possibly a life-threatening condition, according to our source.

At least one Thunder Bay Police Service cruiser remains on scene, investigating the situation.


Police escorted an ambulance at a high rate of speed to the hospital.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to reach out to TRCCTB.COM by email at contactus@trcctb.com



  1. An ambulance was escorted by a few cruisers about 3:00 today going towards the hospital, never saw that before

  2. 3 OD’s today. The opioid epidemic started 5 years ago. Society has encouraged safe injection sites giving out clean needles. Our hospitals are crowded because of sepsis. Doctors no longer prescribe to addicts so they buy off the street. Needle use has increased. Someone knows someone who has lost a father mother brother sister. How did this happen?how do we stop this pain?

    1. The opiod epidemic starting way over five years ago, it just started getting some of the attention it needed five years ago. The People of Thunder Bay started to finally pay attention about five years ago when it was so in your face that you could no longer ignore what was going on and turn a blind eye to the situation. Since then the city has made some progressive changes and hopefully continues to so.
      And you’re right everyone knows someone that has been affected by addiction.. it’s sad but it’s truth

    2. You are absolutely correct. Opioid overdoses has been happening over 40 years now. I meant to say that fentynal increased 5 years ago. Now it’s in the fake Percocets. Thank you for your comment FROG. Much appreciated.

    3. Thank you for that article. This poor uneducated drug dealer is just a pawn in someone’s bigger game. Too bad he was the one stupid enough the one someone choose to bring it to the streets. Who is making these pills and killing our loved ones?. How can they live with themselves?

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