(GREENSTONE, ON) – Officers with the Greenstone OPP detachment were investigating a stolen vehicle, a Ford Explorer, and had made an arrest regarding the incident. Upon further investigation they demanded a breath sample from a suspect and was refused.
Some 303 British Magnum ammo and a 300 savage was located during a search.
52-year-old Carl Bush was arrested by the officers and held for bail in the morning. He is facing the following charges stemming from the September 16th incident:

  • Failure to comply with breath demand.
  • Prohibited operation of a conveyance x2.
  • Possession of ammo 303 British Magnum.
  • Possession of a 300 Savage without a license.
  • Possession of a stolen motor vehicle Ford Explorer.

His Worship, visiting Justice of the Peace Logan was presiding along with Crown Attorney Manon Arbour and duty counsel lawyer Atatise.
The Crown states that although this is a Crown-onus situation, they are not consenting to Bush’s release today based on secondary ground concerns. A “Crown-onus” situation means that the Crown must show the courts why an accused should be detained. “Secondary ground concerns” indicates that the Crown believes there is a substantial risk that the accused might re-offend or become a public safety concern should they be released.
Duty counsel requests the matter return to court on Monday and will inform Bush’s lawyer of choice about his situation. Bush is ordered to stay in jail until at least his next court date.
Bush will be transported from Greenstone to the Thunder Bay District Jail where he will await his court appearance which is set to be by video.


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