Appearing in Courtroom 302 before Her Honour Tracey Nieckarz is 24 year old MYLES EVAN BRIAN WABANO to hear judgement of his criminal accusations. Crown Attorney Rob Kozak is present along with defence lawyer Brennan Sacevich.

On the evening of March 13,2018, MYLES WABANO was out drinking Wisers whiskey with underage friends on the 2nd floor of the Landmark Inn. They finished the bottle. WABANO left briefly and returned with a bottle of Silent Sam vodka. They began drinking that. One member of the group got so intoxicated that an ambulance was called.

WABANO and his friend John Moonias went to McDonalds on Red River Road where WABANO showed Moonias a knife and talked about robbing a convenience store.

Moonias went home where he got into an argument with his father. He was so drunk that he left the home and walked into a random home that surprised the homeowners.

WABANO was walking by the Tim Horton’s on Memorial by the Super 8 motel when he spotted 2 women sitting in a car drinking coffee. He approached the car, opened the door and stabbed the female passenger in the arm and stole her purse and computer tablet. He began to run away. Both women exited the vehicle and chased WABANO.

The female driver tackled WABANO and was attempting to hold him down face first. The stabbing victim retrieved her purse. WABANO was able to get up and take a swing at female driver with his Silent Sam liquor bottle and hit her with it. The bottle was left at the scene. Police did a DNA test on the bottle and confirmed WABANO’S DNA was on it. He left the scene with the computer tablet and went to Super 8 motel where he was spotted on surveillance video walking in with the tablet.

WABANO was on a Facebook messenger group chat the next day bragging to his friends about the stabbing/robbery.

Defence attorney Sacevich had tried to argue that WABANO’S identity could not be confirmed and suggested that it was someone else who committed this violent robbery because police had initially arrested someone else for this crime but quickly realized the mistake. WABANO states that he only bragged on Facebook messenger about the crime but he didn’t do it. But Justice Nieckarz found that there were details in the group chat that only the perpetrator would know.

WABANO is found GUILTY of robbery and assault with a weapon. His next court date is February 24,2020 where a presentence report along with a Gladue report will most likely be ordered.

WABANO remains free to walk the streets until he is sentenced.

Big thanks to our news tipster at court today for this story.


13 Replies to “Stabbing Robbery at Tim Horton’s”

  1. Typical of these gutless wannabe gangsta punks to attack a woman. Had it been a guy attacked, that knife likely would have been rammed up this cowardly punk’s asshole sideways.

    What about the victims? Where’s their justice? This useless piece of shit should be behind bars right now!

    This slimy prick will boo-hoo to the judge and Gladue will get him off with a slap on the wrist.
    What a fucked up justice system we have. It’s a travesty.

    1. If a person is already found guilty for such a violent act why are they let out ? To give them the opportunity to do more crimes knowing they’re going to jail anyway, and give them the opportunity to exact revenge !

  2. Get used to this folks. These streets will never be safe until major changes from the top down of each dept are made and every single one of those inept circus clowns on the leash are kicked to the curb. Anything other than that is just wishful thinking and a waste of oxygen and time. This town has deteriorated way too much, for way too long to expect a bunch of bungling puppets to organize and lead this town.

    1. This town needs more Jeffery Millers. A lot more.

      The f*cking justice system isn’t going to protect us. Seems we’ll have to do that for ourselves. Arm up and defend yourselves folks.

  3. It is unbelievable how these kind of people get to walk the streets after the crime that they committed so many sitting in lock up that do not have half the charges that these guys have but these young punks go out commit armed robbery stab someone and get set free to do it all over again the next person he stabs might not be so lucky and end up dead but he will just go to court and be let out again. What has happened to our justice system because it sure has taken a turn for the worst it will never get back to being the way it was. Bring the old days back where if you do the crime you do the time none of this slap on the wrist and be set free to do it all over again before you even get to court for you first appearance. Well people if you do not want to end up in jail do not do some petty crime make it a good one because you are most certainly going to get set free. I feel for the poor suckers that are locked away for doing petty crap when they could be doing the big stuff. Just my opinion that is all

    1. What happened to our justice system? – GLADUE and a pathetic weak Liberal govt.

      I don’t feel sympathy for anyone who’s committed a crime. Do the crime, do the time.

  4. I think it was in Detroit around 1984 when a woman was going through a drive through of a chicken fast food joint. Her purse was laying on the console and some dude reached in the passenger window and tried to grab it. The woman reached under seat pulled out a gun and wasted that punk right then and there. She paid for her chicken and drove off. The news commentator said he bets that guy wont be ripping off anyone anytime soon. . I LMOA for about ten minutes after hearing that. If that aint an effective deterrent then I dont know what is.

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