Stabbing on Picton Ave Lands Two Behind Bars


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – At approximately 11:43 pm on Friday, December the 13th, 2019, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) were dispatched to the 100 block of Picton Avenue regarding a 911 call that was made reporting a stabbing had taken place.

Allegations are that on arrival police spoke with a child who was near the entrance of the door that had reported to police that their mother had stabbed his father because he was hitting her. Investigation revealed that both parents were intoxicated and arguing which escalated to a physical altercation. The male then started pushing and punching the woman. At this point the woman then fell to the floor. While she was on the floor, she obtained a kitchen knife and stabbed the man in the shoulder in what appears to be an attempt to defend herself.


At this point, the man then managed to remove the knife from her and punched her 2 or 3 more times. Police located 6 children in the residence at the time ranging from 7 months old to 12 years old. The man required medical treatment for his wounds.

Officers arrested, charged and detained two adults from this situation, 35-year-old Selena Lynn Esquega (pictured) and 38-year-old Arnold Labelle (need picture). They were both held in police custody at the TBPS Balmoral Street station pending their court appearance this morning.

Both accused appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link from the TBPS station on Balmoral Street. Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro along with the skillful criminal defence lawyer Emily Morris filling in as duty counsel today. Labelle is facing the following charges:

  • Assault.
  • Breaching bail conditions by contacting a previous alleged victim.
  • Breaching a probation order made on March 4th (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

Labelle was released previously from custody and ordered not to contact a certain person. Selena is facing a single charge of Aggravated Assault (stabbing).

Labelle is not granted release from custody today and is ordered to remain in jail until at least Monday, December 16th, 2019 where he is scheduled to appear in court to have another swing at being released from custody. Court grants Selena release from custody today on a recognizance bail plan without a surety, pegged at $500 without deposit. Her conditions are:

  • Reside in the 100 block of Picton Avenue.
  • No contact with Arnold Labelle.
  • Not to be within 50 meters of anywhere he might be.
  • Not to possess or consume any alcohol or intoxicating substances.
  • Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada.

Selena is released from police custody and is scheduled to return to court on December 31st, 2019 to begin answering to the charge laid on her.

None of the allegations have been proven in a court of law.


15 Replies to “Stabbing on Picton Ave Lands Two Behind Bars”

  1. 10-90–100.

    Nice way to bring up kids.

    Disgusting lowlife trash putting those children through hell.

    These kids should be taken away from them. Chances are they’re already damaged from FAS. Poor children are doomed to a life of alcohol, drugs and crime right from the get go. The next generation of welfare recipients in the making thanks to the human trash that made them.

    1. 6 kids?? I bet these parents must be working their asses off to support them. All that working they decided to unwind on a Friday evening with a few drinks and an argument happened about household economics, Christmas is a stressful time of year, and things obviously got heated.
      I’m totally kidding, there people don’t work, unless making babies is considered “working”. Sad thing is they actually get paid big money per child. Child tax credit needs to go back to $70 a kid, and if that were to happen watch how many of these losers stop pumping out kids. As for the rest of the story…that how all of em live and completely normal.

    2. You said. ”chances are” .. you typed “poor kids”. Cmon leave the innocent children alone claiming their state of health and you also think you know the future of theses innocent children of what they will become.. one day as adults they may read this.. and they won’t give a shit about what there parents did. But will give a shit of what you predicted with your judgmental predictions. Knowing not only there’s people with domestic violence but Assholes that try to bring down innocent children

    3. These children should be taken away as it is clear that neither one is capable of raising these children throw them both behind bars and throw away the damn key such a disgusting way to carry on in front of children

  2. It’s so sad that the kids have to witness such violent behavior!

    I believe child tax was paid out on Friday and this money is supposed to go towards buying food
    and other essentials and NOT for a drinking binge!
    My heart goes out to the kids, so sad 🙁

    So many people are going around stabbing people!
    To make matters worse these kids will suffer!

    This is the lifestyle of drugs and alcohol!

    I wonder what it will take for these parents to change their ways?

    My heart goes out to the children

    1. What does welfare have to do with anything. This is how rumours spread. Just because one asshole predicts theses are welfare bums and you go and believe it…. how do we know a working man gave them a drink that pays taxes and had a good home cooked meal at their place prior to all this was happening. You people are quick to judge.

    2. Based on empirical data and the balance of probability Ron, I’d say we’re 90% right and you’re likely 99% wrong.

      Ever heard of FAS Ron? That stands for fetal alcohol syndrome. Which, unfortunately is running rampant in children born and raised by these welfare scamming drug abusing alcoholic types of parents.

  3. No problem just keep the cheques coming and they will keep the offsprings coming. The more the merrier. They dont care if the kids are FAS or starving because booze and drugs are their priority. If the Child welfare removes the kids, better be prepared for a class action lawsuit. Oh, I forgot you will get a lawsuit if you do nothing too. WTF is next??

  4. Not every parent on OW or ODSP spend their money to feed addictions. This is a sad situation. Many people judge everyone based on the few. I know a lot that work also while on it because rent is so fucking high and that also is ruined by these kinds of people that abuse the system.

  5. I work and got ctb and was able to get my kids a trip to the city in my vehicle I pay for monthly. My kids are everything to me and get everything as well as sober attention throughout the day and night. Most of us anishnabek that are referred to as they…just cuz the few that misuse their money and buy alcohol rather than treat their children to a movie,gifts and new clothing is unjust. Some of us do follow the red road. There should be no alcohol or drug use around children. I do hope these parents feel that this is their bottom and get help and remember this. These children hopefully have gone into care until the parents do know how to behave like responsible adults

    1. Good to hear that you’re a responsible parent and are taking good care of your kids.

      Problem is that the kids in this instance likely have FAS brain damage already. There’s no reversing that. Chances are high that they will not be functionally suitable for gainful employment and will probably end up on welfare until they self destruct.

      It’s a terrible legacy that alcoholic and drub abusive parents will be leaving us for generations to come. And, unfortunately , the highest proportion of this problem in Northwestern Ontario is with FN people.

  6. It’s actually pretty concerning that commenters are attacking them for things that may not be so. Welfare and CTB have nothing to do with this situation and of the like. It’s the system that failed these children. They keep placing these children back in these kinds of homes that come from a variety of backgrounds. I mean I know of a lawyer who keeps punching out kids once a year and accepts ctb payments who experience domestic violence right here in our community. There is no difference between these ppl and this lawyer expect for the fake accreditation that we all cannot let go of. The ‘low life’s’ in our town are not the problem. It’s the professionals who keep giving back the kids. It’s the courts that keep releasing dangerous violent offenders. cause these ppl are most likey closet crackheads. If stats were done properly and truthfully we would see this, but we dont. If we had healthy ppl in charge we wouldn’t see this kind of stuff happening so much. On another note, a women who keeps having kids on welfare should be subjected to mandatory weekly therapy. Because something is very wrong when a women brings children into this world without a practical plan to make sure these children make it in the world. I mean we all don’t have farms anymore, the need for many children is long gone. Stop blaming drugs and alcohol because when we do so the mental illness is never treated properly. Treat the mental illness, you treat the substance abuse!

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