(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police Service officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were dispatched to the 200 block of Amelia Street West just before 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 30 following reports of a serious assault. (Stabbing) (history of accused at end of article.)


When police arrived to the residence believed to be the scene of the assault they found an apparent male victim who appeared to have suffered serious injuries.

Paramedics with the Thunder Bay Superior North Emergency Medical Service transported the victim, a 41-year-old Thunder Bay man, to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further treatment of those injuries.

The exact nature of the victim’s injuries is unknown at this time. (TRCC News has independently verified that the injuries were due to slashing and stabbing of a knife.)


As a result of an ongoing investigation officers identified two suspects connected to the assault of the male. Two female accused were arrested for Aggravated Assault.

Investigators with the service’s Major Crimes Unit are now actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.

The accused male and female appear to be known to the victim.

A third person in connection with this investigation was arrested at the scene. The arrest took place after the 42-year-old Thunder Bay man, who was being treated as a possible witness, attacked an officer.

The officer did not sustain significant injury as a result of the assault.

Kimberly Shannon FOX, 40, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Aggravated Assault.

Riva Ann Trudy MOONIAS, 39, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Aggravated Assault.


Wilfred Neal AGASH, 42, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer.

All three appeared in bail court Tuesday and were remanded into custody with future appearance dates.

Source: TBPS & Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition


EARLIER: Residents in the area of West Amelia are reporting some chaos that erupted in the neighbourhood around 10:00 pm this evening.


They tell us that at least two men were involving in a drunken altercation that left one of them with stab wounds. The male had multiple injuries to his neck.

Both men ended up on the ground gargling for their lives. Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service along with paramedics with Superior North EMS responded to the scene.

Paramedics worked on both men and eventually took them both to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further treatment.


The guy with the neck injuries are considered very serious while the other guy was mostly sent to hospital for being overly drunk and is a suspect to the neck stabbing.

”this happened at the Spence court in westfort my friend saw it that building is bad for this they really need to start kicking all those druggies out make it safer for everyone else too much of that crap goes on in that place feel sorry for the seniors.” A resident of Thunder Bay said.

Anyone who managed to get photos or a video of the incident or police presence is asked to contact us via text at 807-355-8917 or email at The incident happened at Spence Court.

This is a developing story and we will follow up when further information is made available.


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  1. Spence Court was originally designated for aged (but independant) retireries. The Housing Authorities have changed the parameters to allowed any “person with disabilities” into this residence.. That means, any drug-addict-loser who convinced the Government that they deserved a disability cheque because they choose to be a non-participant of life, get to live in subsidized housing that was allocated for older people. Don’t let these losers turn Spence Court into “Odd Fellows # 2″…

  2. The social workers and management should all be kicked in the ass….those buildings were really nice senior housing when Thunder Bay District Housing managed them.
    When all the bureaucrats joined with city housing it became a dump.
    As all their buildings are now.
    Those poor seniors……
    Kick all the drunks and druggies out….
    There’s a hi rise building on Beverly ….used to be nice senior housing building too….my god they have a big tent outside one of the ground floor balconies….do they collect rent for tent city setups ….

    1. That’s the bed bug breeding incubator of Dumpster Bay. I cross to the other side of the street when I pass that building. That place is crawling with vermin of all types. Human and otherwise.

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