STABBING: Home Invasion with a Knife and a Baseball Bat


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 65-year-old Bruce Debarros appeared in courtroom 102 at the Thunder Bay Courthouse this morning to answer to charges which stemmed from a violent home invasion. He’s facing charges of break and enter, aggravated assault, uttering threats and extortion.

He was being assisted by the very talented criminal defence lawyer David Bruzzese and Crown Attorney Jane-Ann McGill was present representing the public’s interest in from of His Honour. He’s currently out on bail on these charges and appeared in court today under his own free will.


The agreed statement of facts are read into the court record and illustrate what happened the day of the incident. Court hears that all parties involved were known to each other and had an ongoing dispute. In October of 2018, Bruce Devarros and Christopher White entered the victims home in the 1400 block of Arthur Street East uninvited. Debarros was carrying a large knife that was in a sheath while White was carrying a baseball bat. Once the victim was located in the home, there was an altercation between the two men and the victim.

White started to strike the victim with the bat repeatedly until the bat was ultimately wrestled out of the hands of white by the victim. White pulled out a concealed knife and started stabbing the victim repeatedly at which time Debarros fled the residence. Court hears that the reason for the duo rolling up on the victim was that they wanted to retrieve “something” that was owed to them.

Police arrested white soon after and once Debarros learned there was a warrant for his arrest, he turned himself into the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) station located at 1200 Balmoral.


Debarros has spent 40 real days in jail and with the way things are at the Thunder Bay District Jail, that time is enhanced to 60 days today for sentencing purposes. There is a joint submission put forth for the Judge’s consideration which would see him be sentenced to 6 months jail time. Further, court hears it is proposed that he be slapped with a 10 years weapons ban and for him to submit his DNA to the national DNA databank.

The Judge agrees to the sentence submitted by both the Crown and defence which would have Debarros serve another 4 months going forward. Debarros already has 60 days credit worth of time served. He is escorted into the prisoner’s box of the courtroom and will be headed to the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail. He’s likely to be out in time for St. Patrick’s day on good behaviour.



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  1. No wonder the crime rate is so high. These people should be doing hard time.

    Are these judges just trying to make friends in prison before their inevitable trip there?

    1. Rubber stamp law. Judges and JPs making big bucks for virtually nothing but passing paper. Seems there’s very little effort or even basic concern to dole out punishment suitable for the crime.

      I only wish that some of these public officials are faced with some of the crime the rest of us have to endure day in and day out. Maybe when it touches them personally, they’ll start practising real law and start handing down effective sentences.

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