St Pats and Westgate Threat Originator Determined


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service continues to investigate recent threats made to St. Patrick and Westgate High schools.
As a result of an investigation, which included members of the TBPS Cyber Crime Unit, the location of the originator of this threat has been identified and it has been determined that there was no actual safety risk to the public.
Police were originally made aware of a potential threat that was posted on Snapchat after 8 p.m. on Thursday, October 10. The snap featured a photograph of what appeared to be a rifle with a caption “watch out Westgate”.
The complaint was immediately handed over to the Service’s Major Crime Section and officers continued to investigate.
The next morning Police learned of a second post featuring a similar photograph and caption, which appeared to direct a threat toward St. Patrick High school. Further investigation determined the post was consistent with a threat targeting that school.
The Thunder Bay Police Service’s Cyber Crime Unit and various other police resources have been used to advance this investigation.
Police would like to remind the public that threats of this nature will be taken serious by police and the origin of these threats will be thoroughly investigated. Charges may be laid even if no threat was made but the intention of the post was to cause mischief.
Police would also like to remind parents to have a conversation with their children about posting responsibly on social media.
Source: TBPS


5 Replies to “St Pats and Westgate Threat Originator Determined”

  1. Likely juveniles who can’t be named.
    Whatever happened to that woman ( Emilie-Jade PAKRASHI) charged in the last round of school threats back in April? She and that 14 year old punk who was also calling in the threats should have been made examples of for their reign of terror.
    Has Pakrashi gone to court yet? If not, they had better expedite her case and hit her especially hard to send the message that this irresponsible and disruptive nonsense will not be tolerated.

    1. This type of BS needs to be treated as a domestic trerroism charge. There should be no posibility of a reduction of the penalty or deals made. And the penalties must be the most severe the judges can apply. Someone needs to tell these Fu%&heads that they (and not their parents) will be on the hook for the costs as well as having a criminal record. With a criminal record there is the possibility you wont be able to enter certain countries later on. So later on in your life there will be no vacations on the beach for you and your chances for any job are greatly diminshed.

  2. At the very least, they should be sent to a psych ward for evaluation. Unless they were 7 years old, they are passed the stage of senseless pranking.

  3. Reply to IADWYM I dont usually reply to morons but I will in this case just because I realaize you are some dumb little punk with a big mouth and big attitude that needs checking. Heres a free education lesson just for you. You are the one that needs look up domestic terrorism. I, as well as many others heard that term probably way way before your daddy jacked off your result. You probably never even heard of Timothy McVeigh so you can look that up. That will give you an example of the term since that is when it became most common. Now dont go away mad, just go and stomp your feet and continue your little hissy fit in your own little backyard sandbox.

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