Spence Court Stabbing Update And History


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police Service officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were dispatched to the 200 block of Amelia Street West just before 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 30 following reports of a serious assault. (Stabbing) (history of accused at end of article.)

When police arrived to the residence believed to be the scene of the assault they found an apparent male victim who appeared to have suffered serious injuries.


Paramedics with the Thunder Bay Superior North Emergency Medical Service transported the victim, a 41-year-old Thunder Bay man, to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further treatment of those injuries.


The exact nature of the victim’s injuries is unknown at this time. (TRCC News has independently verified that the injuries were due to slashing and stabbing of a knife.)

As a result of an ongoing investigation officers identified two suspects connected to the assault of the male. Two female accused were arrested for Aggravated Assault.


Investigators with the service’s Major Crimes Unit are now actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.

The accused male and female appear to be known to the victim.

A third person in connection with this investigation was arrested at the scene. The arrest took place after the 42-year-old Thunder Bay man, who was being treated as a possible witness, attacked an officer.

The officer did not sustain significant injury as a result of the assault.

Kimberly Shannon FOX, 40, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Aggravated Assault.

Riva Ann Trudy MOONIAS, 39, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Aggravated Assault.

Wilfred Neal AGASH, 42, of Thunder Bay, is charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer.

All three appeared in bail court Tuesday and were remanded into custody with future appearance dates.

Source: TBPS & Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition


5 Replies to “Spence Court Stabbing Update And History”

  1. The more I see of this type of violence among this demographic, the more I begin to see the sense of the madness of our judicial system releasing these criminals.

    I’m beginning to believe that the courts want them out on the streets killing each other. We don’t have the death sentence in Canada. I guess this is the next best thing. Too bad they’re so sh!tty at it.

    However ten or fifteen fatalities a year resulting from murder or river events does make a difference.

  2. Crickets from Grand Chief Fiddler , the Mayor , Council and the Provincial and Federal Govt’s , no solutions or help , just laying blame on anyone who isn’t Native . My tax dollars should be going to buying one-way airfare for these people back to their reserves then put on a no fly list instead of giving them welfare , shelters to abuse and free methadone shooting galleries .

  3. What a friggin joke. How many times can you get outta jail for being involved in KILLING someone. Lock this puke of a so called human up already!!! Excuses excuses……. I had a bad life….. I had a bad family life….my race has Ben oppressed…..
    I had a bad life and don’t go around killing people and being white I would probably get 25 years not a slap on the wrist

    1. That’s right Joejoe.

      Seems we have dual legal systems.

      One for people with self control, the ability to hold down full time employment and pay taxes. Then there’s the system for unemployed, welfare scamming druggers, alcoholics and career criminals.

      Unfortunately, it appears that those of us who work, pay taxes and are valuable contributors to society get the legal system that actually hands down harsh sentences.

      Meanwhile the above mentioned losers get the “revolving door – rubber stamp” system that usually hands down nothing more than slaps on the wrist and stern warnings. Even to murderers and repeat violent offenders, as in this case. Just watch, she’ll be back on the street in a couple days.

      The upside of all this is that they’re killing each other. Next best thing to the death sentence I guess?

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