Southern Ontario Gang Takes Over Woman’s Home


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A couple poor decisions have ended up with a few months of distress and rock-bottom behaviour and lifestyle for one Thunder Bay woman.

Last night a woman was denied access to her own home, which was taken over by a southern Ontario gang. She was making attempts to remove the gang from her home, but they flat out refused to leave. She called police and had them removed. But, how did things get to this point? Let’s discuss.


A few months ago the woman was hanging out with the wrong people and tried some cracked cocaine. After she became friends with the cracked-out crowd, they asked her if some guys from down south could stay at her house for a few days. She was ensured the guys were nice people and nothing bad would happen. She was so addicted at this point that she didn’t see anything wrong with this plan.

The gang members moved in and stayed, ultimately having their clients come to the house constantly. People would walk through the house with their shoes on, smoking crack and shooting needles wherever they pleased. Anything of value in the woman’s house was stolen the first week. Her house was overtaken by gang members and drug users who would sit around getting high. The home was a full blown trap house.

Horribly unmentionable things happened to the woman throughout the time that her home was taken over and random drug addicts coming over, making themselves at home. Every attempt she made to end the “trap” failed. One of the gang members named “Trey” said something like “we are going to keep selling here until the cops shut it down”. It was at this point she knew drastic measures needed to happen so she could get her life back.


The woman had enough, even tho the gang members were keeping her addicted and supplying her with cracked cocaine everyday for the use of her house, they refused to leave when she had enough. Last night they kicked her out of her own home for trying to put an end to this and refused to let her back in. Police were called and the gang member was escorted off the property and driven to an unknown location. We have not been able to confirm if police managed to lay any charges on the lone gang member that was at the house at that time.

If your home hsa been taken over, reach out to the police and get a plan together today on how to get your life back. The woman is moving from the home and is looking forward to maintaining her sobriety.



3 Replies to “Southern Ontario Gang Takes Over Woman’s Home”

  1. Sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas.

    She was a willing victim. Root cause of her problem is obviously drug addiction.

    If some of these lazy, welfare scamming losers worked for a living, they wouldn’t need to p!ss away their days in a drunken/drugged stupor and they wouldn’t be life long parasites bleeding the system dry. Get a job FFS!

    No sympathy from me.

  2. I’m pretty sure I know this girl and she wasnt even close to a bum had a full time job, paid taxes just like you do and unfortunately ended up in a bad spot. The main causes of drug addiction are mental health issues and loneliness so when you isolate people like this even more you make the issue worse. If you hate junkies so bad maybe give one a hug instead of making them feel worse causing them to do more drugs to try to numb their pain.

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