South Side North Syndicate Police Presence


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service swooped in hard and fast after what is believed to have been numerous 911 calls.

A home in the 200 block of North Syndicate Ave appears to be the focus of the situation. Residents in the area tell us they overheard chatter about a person overdosing in the home.


Further, residents in the area also tell us that a suspect either jumped or was pushed off a balcony and smashed their head when they hit the ground. This person was taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in an unknown condition.


Officers can be seen at the front door of 239 North Syndicate Ave. One resident says they heard officers yelling the house about weapons and for the suspect to surrender themselves.

The presence is ongoing and is expected to come to an end soon. North Syndicate was blocked by first responders as well as Cameron had numerous police vehicles blocking vehicular movement.


This is a developing story and we will have more information as it becomes available.

Thanks to our anonymous read for submitting photos.


4 Replies to “South Side North Syndicate Police Presence”

  1. oh wow not again this is getting just to common for comfort no wonder no one wants to go out anymore because of what is happening and around this area. Sure hope whoever it was that jumped is not to seriously injured.

  2. There are not enough officers in this city. They don’t want to hire anymore, but this is the town that needs it badly. It is a golden egg for all the easter drug dealers. These police that are on have to take time out of their scheduled work hours to do several hours of paper work, even for little occurrences that don’t involve murder or drugs, so that is even less hours on the job.

  3. The neighbours in that area were decent people years ago. Things have changed.
    Landlords don’t care who they rent to, as long as they get paid.

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