South Side Lurker Warning: Lock Your Doors Day & Night


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The south side of the city is having continuing issues regarding door-checking car-hoppers and break & enter creepers. Admittedly, there isn’t an area of the city that hasn’t been impacted by these mostly “crimes of opportunity”.
A resident that lives in the South Franklin area is urging concerned citizens in the area to “lock your doors both day and night.”
The woman said that around 11:00 pm on Thursday evening a man had crept up to her vehicle and attempted to gain access by engaging the cars door handle. Luckily, the vehicle was locked up tight and this specific criminal was not brazen enough to smash a window to check the contents.

It is at this point that the lurking, car-hopping, criminal low-life decided to head for the home’s front door just to make a failed attempt to open it. The door was locked and he did not decide to smash his way into the home.

The suspect then casually walked down out to the sidewalk and down towards Arthur Street. The homeowners were at home at the time of the incident and have since called police to report what had happened.
This type of activity can be chalked up to “drug-seeking behaviour” which is often a symptom of an out of control drug addiction. People addicted to heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, crack and meth will often resort to getting their next fix by any means necessary. Our city’s issue need to be dealt with head-on, not ignored and swept under the rug.