South Side Knifepoint Robbery Leaves Youth Rattled


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As city council appears to be battling the crime issues in Thunder Bay by discussing creating yet another committee, more concerning crime has changed a couple young lives in the city. The following incident unfolded today, February 9th, 2020, around 5:00 pm.

A male youth was walking down the alley behind the ever amazing McKellar Confectionary with two friends when crime struck out of nowhere. The youth, who was with two friends, was abruptly and violently confronted by a lurking male.


The suspect jumped out from behind a building, knife in hand, armpits stinking, while sketchily asking “Sup Bro? You wanna die?”. Fear, expectedly, overwhelmed the trio of law-abiding youths. It is at this point that the one youth was punched with a closed fist in the side of the head.

That’s when the criminal demanded their belongings. He managed to flee the scene with a Coral iPhone XR and a vape. The youths stood in shock, not knowing what to do or how to react to such a blatant and violent criminal experience.

Fleeing like a coward, the suspect was last spotted heading north on Vickers towards Dease, where a high concentration of trap houses run by southern Ontario gang members exist. The cell phone is useless as it is iCloud locked, but we have learned that the southern Ontario gang members will give about $20 worth of drugs for newer iCloud locked iPhones and then when they return to southern Ontario they will take them to Pacific Mall where the phones are sold for between $100 and $150, to be used for parts.


The suspect is described as:

  • Indigenous.
  • Male.
  • Five-foot ten-inches tall.
  • 200 pounds.
  • Wide head.
  • Large jaw.
  • Brown jacket.
  • Baseball cap.
  • Sweaty armpits.
  • Multicoloured bandana.
  • Black pants.
  • Shelby Ch’ng supporter.

The victim is hopeful the phone may be recovered. The serial number is F17XNYRXKXKT and the IMEI number is 357338095368828. Police have been notified about this incident and an investigation is underway.

How many committees need to be formed before something meaningful is done?


4 Replies to “South Side Knifepoint Robbery Leaves Youth Rattled”

  1. ‘Ontario: You must be 19 to purchase e-cigarettes and vaping supplies. Similar to tobacco products, it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes and vaping supplies to anyone under the age of 19.‘ So, what was the youth vaping…’shatter’? Secondly, people should know how to place the emergency calls with iPhones. There is a short cut to placing the call and can be done in a fraction of a second. Place the call and hand over the phone. They will be able to trace the phone through the pings from cell towers. Truly glad nobody got hurt and that this criminal saved the youth from potential mushroom lung in the future.

  2. This city is totally out of control. Members of city council are sitting on their thumbs looking the other way. A declared state of emergency should have been called over two years ago but was not. In the last five years this whole country has deteriorated into such a cesspool of putrid trash it is hard to even recognize as Canada. I am embarassed to call myself a Canadian. Thunder Bay is the worst but every major city in this country has similiar issues. I bet my last nickel until it directly affects those wimp bleeding heart crooks AKA politicians, we better get used to it cause nothing is going to change. Perhaps it will take the people in all the cities in Canada to have had enough and protest for months like they have in Hong Kong and demand change , then maybe, just maybe something construct might happen. Anything less is just wishful thinking.

  3. Unbelievable slime bag junky. I had a phone stolen and managed to track it down. It was. dumped at the pawn shop in South end. The owner refused to ship it to me after I provided all the necessary info to prove It was in fact mine and stolen. I was told sucks being you it was brought in by a regular girl to pawn for $200 and if I called the police it would only disappear from inventory. Good luck recovering it and sad to hear what happened to the youths.

  4. Wtf I got robbed early January and I didn’t get a message or phone call from the police. I reported it then never heard from them again, I would like to hear that they tried something instead of nothing. I been scared going out, just even going to the bus stop is hard for me. It’s hard living in fear and looking around you even two seconds. I understand that you can’t do much but at least try. I’m afraid the person is still around my area, y’all should patrol around even at night. Just do something because this has screwed me up a lot. I’ve lost a lot of hope in this city and anyone could be after you. Please do something, anything because people are going to fucking die and you’ll turn your head like nothing happened. I’m so angry and sad at the same time that this fucking shit is happening.

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