Short Standoff-Like Incident at the Thunder Centre LCBO


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A more and more common situation unfolded at the LCBO located in the Thunder Centre (A.K.A. “Mini Florida”) over the weekend which had customers in the store feeling uneasy.
A number of customers reached out to TRCCTB.COM to tell us about their experience at the notorious establishment where the primary purpose of which is the dispensing of alcoholic beverages.
Sources tell us that a short standoff like situation took place over about 10 minutes while a topless male refused to leave the store and essentially interrupted access to the front door. Security officers managed to contain the male to the front entrance area and did not use force, according to our sources.
A customer tells us that when they entered the store, the male was already contained to the front entrance area and his shirt was on the floor. The guy appeared to be non-aggressive but also confused and was not responding to requests to leave the store.
A number of customers did not feel safe using the front entrance and were escorted by LCBO staff out the back door.

LCBO staff dialled 911 and once the disruptive male was informed police and first responders had been called, he left in a matter of minutes after that information processed. He didn’t go far tho, he took up a spot in the parking lot as witnessed by our sources as they fled the area in their vehicle.
It is uncertain if paramedics assessed the man or if police arrested him. One customer tells us that they were scared and just remained in the store until the disruptive male had exited. We speculate several possibilities, this man could have been asked to leave as he had no shirt on, he could have been asked to leave if he was intoxicated, or he could have a valid trespassing notice served on him in which he would not be allowed at the location.
Business continued as usual after the incident and our sources left the area before police arrived.
UPDATE: The man was observed being kicked off a city bus shortly after. The link is below.