SHOOTING UPDATE: Police Swarm White Car at Marina Park


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As witnesses in the area of Dease and McKenzie have reported, there was a white car that pulled up to the home and a lone male got out. That male entered the home at the corner of Dease and McKenzie and gunshots rang out, injuring a male aged in the late teens.
The lone male exited the building and jumped back into the white car that was waiting for him. At that point, the white car had fled the scene at a high rate of speed. An enormous police presence swarmed the area soon after and paramedics transported the victim to hospital with 3 gunshot wounds.

Police have been combing the area for any evidence that may have been left behind. Officers have also been knocking on doors in the neighbourhood, asking people if they have video surveillance in the area around the time of the shooting.

The killer/shooter from this incident is still running loose, likely left Thunder Bay. It is clear by accounts taken from neighbours and witnesses that this incident was fueled by turmoil in the drug trafficking and human trafficking trades.

This morning, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service swarmed a parked white car at Marina Park, likely to investigate if it was the fleeing vehicle. Police forensics unit is on location. Police media release claims its a person in distress. Typically, when someone is in distress, paramedics are on scene. No ambulances have been spotted and why would police put up tape?
Police continue to investigate the shooting.


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  1. Last night at the intersection of picton and red river there was a white car with lots of cops around it. I was too far away to if was an accident or not

  2. “Person in distress alright”. Distress of being arrested.
    Keep up the good work Pino. Challenging police dept efforts to misinform and keeping us in the dark.
    Knowledge is power and the cops want all of it but share very little with the public.

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