Security Guard Punched in the Face at Metro


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On December 9th, 2019 allegations are that a 32-year-old Melissa Skunk was intoxicated and at the Metro, which is located at 505 Arthur Street West.

A security officer requested her to leave the facility after she was alleged to have been causing a disturbance in the grocery store. During the security officer negotiating her leaving, she punched him in the face. Police were called and upon the arrival of Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) officers, it was determined that she is already out on bail for outstanding charges in Dryden, Ontario. She is currently not supposed to be drinking as an order of that bail plan.


Court hears that Skunk has been and does live in Thunder Bay. She has a future court date in Dryden for previous matters in which she is out on bail for. Officers arrest and charge Skunk, she is then transported to the TBPS Balmoral Street station where she is going to wait in a holding cell until court in the morning.

This morning, His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Manon Arbour and the talented duty counsel lawyer Stella Vallelungo. Skunk is charged with a single count of breaching her bail conditions.

Court hears that Skunk was not charged with assault as the staff at Metro, including the alleged victim, didn’t want her charged.




In an interview with TRCC News, Skunk shared her side of the story. “This is my side of that story that’s in there of me. I planned to go to dryden to see my daughter for her first bday. Ofcourse, my life has been a bit rocky like anybody else’s.”

“I went to metro to meet my friend who didnt know the city so I went crosstown to meet him at metro. I didnt go into the store but by the cash registers because I was looking for my friend. I mistakenly went to Safeway at first cuz I rarely go to Arthur st side. Even ft william. Anyway, I’m n the phone and i feel an arm grab at me. He yells at me “I told u to never come back here!””

“I answer that I’ve never been to that store in 4 or 5 years.”

“Two other lady employees come and he asks one of those ladies, “is this who has been shoplifting here??!” And she answers “no, it’s not her.” I’m way beyond embarrassed at this point. And I get mad because even after knowing it wasnt me he was supposedly kicking out. He was still rough and hostile towards me. Maybe because I got upset knowing all that embarrassment, and hostility that he didnt leave me alone. No apology, no nothing.”

“He keeps shoving me and I push his arm away, he says hes calling police and I never get charged for allegedly “hitting him”.”

“Even the cops that picked me up said they did not see anything in the security footage. I got picked up for breaching something I was already working on.”

Going through hard times like anybody, I want everybody to know because just cause I end up on the news, I’m automatically the baddest person on earth.”

“I’m just trying to stay on the straight line as best as I can. Thank you.”

The Crown recommends the release of Skunk on an undertaking bail plan with no surety. The proposed conditions are:

  • Not to attend the Metro at 505 Arthur Street West.

Her previous release order out of Dryden is still active, so she will have to abide by those conditions as well, which include a “no drinking alcohol” type deal.


Skunk is granted release from police custody today and is scheduled to return to court on January 17th, 2019 to begin answer to the breach of bail conditions charge she is facing in Thunder Bay.


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  1. Nobody wants a skunk in their store. They are usually huge messes and end up destroying things and it becomes one big liability. I also enjoyed the whole “I didn’t do ANYTHING this time”, “I was arrensed for a breach from something from another time”. SURE JAN! Make it seem like you were doing rosary’s and the police showed up because you were praying too loud lol. **rolls eyes** Good job to everyone getting her out before she sprayed I’m the joint.

  2. Honestly those gaurds at that particular metro are not very professional at all. I myself have had run ins with them and I work hard and pay for all my stuff have it shoplifted since I was a child. They Target people that they feel look sketchy is what one of the gaurds told me while harrassig me one day. Didn’t know I looked sketchy.

  3. When she get’s that finger attended to, maybe she should look for work?

    In typical fashion, the problems she has are due to someone else’s actions. Failure to accept responsibility for what they do is a common thread with most of these petty criminal bums.

    These welfare scammers wouldn’t be getting into as much trouble if most of their day was used up by way of gainful employment. Seems they rather go to jail than to go to work.

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