Scared Woman Pushed Down, Raped, Suspect Fled


Due to the graphic nature of this article, viewer discretion is advised.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Allegations are that in September of 2017 a woman was in a park located near Ambrose Street and was with a male known to her only as “Kyle”, she did not know his surname. The two headed to a nearby home where they were waiting for a cab out to Fort William First Nation.


The woman waited outside while Kyle went inside to a main floor bathroom which is a shared bathroom amongst tenants in the apartment. At this point, Kyle approached the woman and pulled her into the bathroom. He then made a demand for the woman to get on the floor. She did not respond as she was afraid of him.

At this point the man took his pants off and then took her pants off and pushed her down on the bathroom floor. He laid on top of her and then inserted his penis into her vagina as they laid on the bathroom floor. Another woman in the building opened the bathroom door and witnessed the incident. She closed the door immediately as she was not aware that a rape was in progress. After he finished, he stood up, put his pants back on, wiped the floor with some toilet paper, flushed the toilet paper down the toilet and then fled the scene on foot.

Last night, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service located 33-year-old Kyle Ferguson Watson at a home on Ogden Street. While he was in police custody at the Balmoral police station, allegations are that he was kicking tiles in his cell and damaged them. He was held in police custody pending a court appearance.


He appeared in a Thunder Bay courthouse courtroom this morning via video link from the TBPS station. Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and Michael Blanco, a law student here on behalf of the sharp and talented David Pierce.

Watson is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Mischief causing damage under $5000.

His criminal record appears concerning. Below is what we have:

  • Assault (2009).
  • Theft under (2009).
  • Obstruct police (2009).
  • Breaching bail conditions x2 (2009).
  • Robbery (2010).
  • Breaching bail conditions x2 (2012).
  • Theft under 5000 (2012).
  • Breaching probation (2012).
  • Breaching probation (2013).
  • Breaching bail conditions (2013).

His criminal record carries on up until the month of the alleged rape incident, which is September 2017.

Publication bans start being ordered limiting what we can publish. Watson is granted release from jail on a $2000 non-deposit, no-surety recognizance of bail under the following conditions:

  • Reside at a home in the 300 block of Dease Street.
  • Do not contact two people.
  • Not to attend within 50 meters of anywhere those two people might be.
  • Report weekly to the Thunder Bay Police Service.
  • Not to possess any weapons.

Watson is ordered released from police custody and is ordered to return to court on January 3rd, 2019 to begin answering to the charges.


12 Replies to “Scared Woman Pushed Down, Raped, Suspect Fled”

  1. I hope they were able to collect DNA evidence from his penis, and from the vagina of the victim. Often, if the woman’s vagina has a fishy scent, it’s evidence that a man’s sperm has been festering there for some time. That test is not always accurate though – as women’s vaginas tend to smell fishy in general.

    I would hate to learn that any of these victims of rape of this man were anally raped…however, I would be curious to know if any stool was collected from his penis.

    Has anyone here watched the movie “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay”? In it, the prison guard “Big Bobs” feeds a “Cock Meat Sandwich” to Harold & Kumar, and Kumar says “His dick smells like shit, dude!” That implied that he had anally raped one of the inmates.

    It would be tragic if this bad man outlined in this article anally raped any of his victims, but his penis should nevertheless be examined for shit while he is being held in the penal system, in order to ascertain if he did indeed have forcible anal sex on any of his female victims.

    I strongly suspect his penis smells like stool.

    “If there is stool on his tool = you must convict.” – Johnny Cockran

  2. With such an abysmal record of crime, the lilly livered JP/judge let this criminal moron out? The bastard should be strung up. It’s plenty obvious this creep isn’t going to change. Unbelievable judicial incompetence.

  3. When is our so called “justice” system start locking these career criminals up for very long prison terms. I am so sick of reading about probation and parole violations. The system is broken and these criminals no longer have any fear of the consequences of either actions. Rape used to be a capital crime which was possibly too harsh but a long prison sentence with some form of hard labour might be an alternative.

  4. In that last picture, where he’s concentrating hard, trying to lick some KFC off of his chin, it sure looks like he’s wearing mascara. I’ll bet under that ladies toque, he’s got product in his hair. Safe guess he’s wearing sensible shoes. Kind of hard to be taken seriously giving the finger when your a…….Metrosexual.

  5. Hahaha. They released this guy? When are these JP’s going to get investigated? I think the City needs to get together and write to one of the higher ups at the MOJ. At the very least these JP’s need to understand basic tort law?

    1. Incompetence runs rampant in Dumpster Bay. Right from the top down. Our govt reps are all stooges. Our municipal govt aren’t particularly bright. City administration are a bunch of inept freeloading lackeys and our justice system is simply following suit. The only people earning their money are the foot soldiers – cops, EMS etc.

      Seems that no one actually gives a sh!t about this town nor it’s citizens. With the uncontrolled influx of so many undesirables, the place has become a festering toilet in the last fifteen years or so and it’s only going to get worse. Our easy to get welfare draws lowlife to the city like flies to sh!t.

      The judicial system has become complacent and almost seems to encourage bad behaviour just to keep the dockets full. It’s job security for all of the public servants involved as well as the bloodsucking lawyers lining their pockets with tax dollars. It’s us taxpayers who pick up the legal fees in the form of legal aid for everyone of these lowlife slugs that go to court.

      The vast majority of money spent in the legal system is on the taxpayer’s back. Why would anyone in the legal system, including limp dick judges and JP’s, want to upset the apple cart?

      Keep them criminals cycling through the courts. Rubber stamp law. It’s easy money. Never mind the harmful effects resulting from relentlessly releasing career criminals back onto the streets.

  6. One thing I find suspicious about this rape is that when the act was being carried out and a person entered the washroom, why wasn’t there any vocal protest from the victim? In addition, prior to the actual rape, why didn’t the victim scream for help? It’s obvious that there were people in the building.

    Not defending the rapist in any way, however the apparent lack of any mention of the victim vocally protesting seems strange? Unless the story is incomplete, something is amiss here.

  7. Eye for an eye tooth for tooth blood for blood. Let’s stomp this goof I to the fucking ground and start standing up for our strong ladies who are being forced to suffer horrible incidents alone. Doesn’t take a special kind of man to be a real man.

  8. The story says the rape took place in Sept 2017. That is over 2 years ago. Why the long wait to report that? Any evidence to support her claim evaporated a long time ago. I am all for rapists being served swift justice if they are guilty. Someone should have told this one she has missed the me too boat. I have a very hard time being convinced that those actresses who waited so long to report their rapes were telling the truth. Seems to me they did not object to spreading their legs in order to get to the top and once there then they shout out rape. Hmm no compunction in the beginning but plenty afterwards. Very strange.

  9. Kyle Watson Is The Biggest Fucking Loser I’ve Ever Met, He Walks Around Thinking He’s All Gangster When Really Hes A Fucking Bum Who Lives off Mr.Noodles

  10. While the rape may have occurred in 2017 the scum bag may not have been identified until much latter. Possible NA match was found as a result of one of the many crimes he committed since 2017.I suspect this sorry excuse of a human being has sexually assaulted others. The wheels of justice move at a snails pace. The positive is he will now have to answer for what he has done. Well maybe at least attend a trial. After that it is anyone’s guess. But \I expect we haven’t heard the last about Mr. Wannabe

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