Sandwich Thrown At Guard, Death Threat, Assault & More


(GREENSTONE, ON) – Officers with the Greenstone detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police were dispatched to an incident where a woman’s life was threatened and she was assaulted. Another woman was also assaulted.
After a brief investigation, police arrested a 32-year-old Ryan Finlayson of Longlac, Ontario. Finlayson was arrested and charged with the following criminal code offences:

  • Uttering threats to cause death (to a woman).
  • Assault (same woman as the threat).
  • Assault (a second woman).
  • Breaching probation (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

Sometime during the course of these events, it is alleged that Finlayson threw a sandwich at a guard and racked up a mischief charge.
His Worship, Justice of the Peace who is visiting from Fort Frances was presiding. Crown Attorney Manon Arbour and duty counsel lawyer Atatise were also present working the justice system.
The Crown is consenting to the release of Finlayson today on a non-deposit recognizance of $500. Proposed conditions are:

  • Reside at an address in the 100 block of Beaver Street in Longlac, Ontario.
  • Notify police within 24 hours of any change in address.
  • Do not contact the two complainants (alleged victims) and one other person.
  • Do not be within 100 meters of anywhere the complainants and other person live, work or otherwise might be.
  • Not to buy, possess or consume any alcohol or intoxicating substances unless with a valid medical prescription.
  • Not possess any weapons.

Justice of the Peace Logan appears to canvass the conditions proposed by the Crown with Finlayson. He asks him if there will be alcohol being consumed in the home he is to be released to. Finlayson indicates that he won’t have an issue abstaining from alcohol. It is common for release conditions to allow people to consume alcohol within their residence provided that they do not leave their home with any alcohol in their system. Finlayson reiterates he will not have a problem with alcohol.
A discussion comes up about Finlayson having to stay 100 meters away from the two complainants and a third person, considering that Greenstone is a small community and Finlayson works at a local coffee shop. Court hears from His Worship that it might put Finlayson into a breach situation should one of the three goto purchase a coffee during Finlayson’s shift. The Justice of Peace alters that 100 meters to 25 meters after some discussion surrounding the perceived issue. I have witnessed other Justice of the Peace’s alter “do not be within XX meters” conditions by adding “in case of inadvertent contact, keep the peace and be of good behaviour”, although that was not the case today.
The proposed conditions and the alteration made by His Worship is agreed to by Finlayson and he is ordered released from jail. He is scheduled to return to court in the near future.