Robin Turtle, Pik Evacuee, Rounds Up More Charges


(PIKANGIKUM, ON) – 41-year-old Robin Turtle was evacuated to Thunder Bay during the summer forest fire that threatened the community of Pikangikum, along with hundreds and hundreds of other people. An estimated 90% or more of the evacuees were following the law and were upstanding, respectful visitors to the Thunder Bay community. Robin Turtle falls into the few that weren’t.
He is facing allegations of assaulting the same woman he assaulted while in Thunder Bay. At the time of his most recent alleged assault on the woman, which is said to have taken place in the early hours of September 14th, 2019, he was already on bail conditions and a probation order to not have contact with this woman.
He also has charges stemming out of Red Lake which involve mischief. His new charges are:

  • Assault (same woman as in Thunder Bay).
  • Breaching recognizance (bail condition not to contact his alleged victim).
  • Breaching probation order (not to contact the exact same woman).

The Crown argues fiercely and is clearly not sympathetic for Turtle. After some back an fourth between the parties, Turtle is ordered by Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Kitchekeesic to remain in jail. He is scheduled to appear in a Kenora court room on Monday for another shot at being released from jail.
Turtle is sent back to his cell in the OPP detachment in Pikangikum to wait for the airplane to fly him to Kenora, where he will be held in the Kenora District Jail until at least his appearance in court on Monday.
Writer’s note: I often wondered about what happened to the women who were assaulted by members of their own community while they were in Thunder Bay. I had hoped that the victims would opt to stay in Thunder Bay and start a better life. The cycle continues.