Robbery Victim Dies in Hospital – Suspects at Large


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A very concerning event has ended in tragedy in the city’s north side over the last few days.

A man was at the Midtown Inn with a pile of money, bank card and credit card. Sources say he was seeking some cocaine to have a night of partying.


He met two people, one of them a well-known flailer, and had them get him what he was seeking. One of the girls also purchased some of the dirty and dangerous “blue down” (more about that at the end of the article).


The man was enjoying some time off work and partying when one of the girls decided to load a needle with the “blue down” instead of the cocaine. Sources say the man is not a heroin or “down” user.

This put the man into an overdose situation where he became unresponsive and required immediate medical attention. At this point, the flailer took his cash and at least one of his financial cards before fleeing the scene. There was no chance they could have robbed the man without him being unresponsive as he was a strong and healthy individual who was loved and cared for deeply by those close to him.


A staff member of the motel noticed that the door to the room was left open and checked to see what was going on. A 911 call was made and the man was taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he later passed away.

A close family friend said “People need to know (he) was beyond the nicest, funniest, coolest guy, an amazing dad, his children are good kids, he’s a winner, I don’t know what the fuck he was doing there.” they went on to say that he has never done heroin or “down” before.

Police are investigating the situation. Anyone with information are urged to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200 or reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at where you could be eligible for up to $2000.

Article dated november 15th, 2019

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A new version of illegal opiates has hit Thunder Bay by storm. This new drug is dirtier, nastier, and cheaper than it’s purple cousin.

“Blue Down” is a relative of “Purple Down”. “Purple Down” mainly contains:

  • Fentanyl
  • Carfentanil
  • Heroin
  • Crystal meth
  • Various cutting agents such as dog-dewormer.

The “Blue” variant has tested much nastier. It has all the same as it’s purple brethren, along with the following:

  • Bath salts
  • Various benzo’s
  • Sleeping pils
  • Comet (the cleaning product).

This version of the drug has hit Thunder Bay and people are consuming it at alarming rates as it is more diluted than it’s purple cousin. The blue stuff can and is still causing overdoses. The photos in this article are from products in Thunder Bay. Blue down has been in Thunder Bay for quite some time, but it is now here in massive amounts and readily available in all areas of town.

If you want to get sober, reach out to the good people at the Thunder Bay counselling centre at 807-684-1880.

Also, don’t forget to utilize the consumption and treatment services (supervised injection site) available at NorWest Community Health Centres, 525 Simpson street. Mon-Friday 10 am- 6 pm. Soon to be open 7 days per week.


7 Replies to “Robbery Victim Dies in Hospital – Suspects at Large”

  1. With a little luck they will soon catch the two pieces of shit that did this and we will never see that flailing whore again.
    The unfortunate reality is that the two accused will get charged for a lesser crime than murder 2 and be put on probation or something utterly stupid.

    When does the criminal justice system get held accountable for their actions?

    1. “When does the criminal justice system get held accountable for their actions?”

      Likely never.

      It’s up to govt to preside over the justice system. With gutless politicians bending to the will of “political correctness” and coddling criminals, we’ll be plagued with excessive un-punished crime until there’s a groundswell of resentment and protest from the masses.

      Considering that more and more people are drugging, alcoholic welfare scammers and criminals plus the many, many more that are left leaning liberals too frightened to want to take the issues to task, it will be difficult to establish a government that will crack down on the incompetent justice system we presently have.

      We have to vote in a federal govt that will take our legal system back and make it effective as it once was before the lilly livered Liberals ruined it.

      As it is, in most cases in Dumpster Bay, we see nothing more than “rubber stamp” law with no teeth. Just redundant paperwork, free bail, broken promises to appear, failures to follow court instructions with no consequences and criminals laughing as they leave the court house. The legal system is a joke.

    2. Two people did almost exactly this to my uncle 15 years ago in tbay. They got off with some straight Gladu bullshit just like these losers will too. Stop making excuses to put shit bags back on the streets. Our justice system favors the scum.

    3. Too the family my condolences ..

      To the 2 junkie piece of shit douchebags that didthis u both r disgusting. Sick mentally ill individuals U NEED TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!! HIW CAN U LIVE WITH URSELVES , LOOK UN THE MIRROR AT UR SELF !!!!! At Christmas on top of it!!!! Ppl have lost someone who wld still be here today had u greedy animals had not crossed his path . U disease bags KK ARMA WILL CATCH UP WITH U !!!

  2. A cab driver told me that a certain cocaine dealer in town had him make a trip to the store for carpet cleaner at 3 in the morning. Figure that must burn the nose a bit going up.

    Should just legalize the fun drugs like coke and heroin. The fact that we have to deal with such degenerates just to go out for a night of fun is pathetic. Then there is the whole lives lost in Mexico with the drugs wars, which would just be an added bonus.

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