RIDE Program Gets Numerous People


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service has concluded its 2019 Festive RIDE program, reporting record highs across all measured categories when compared to the 2018 campaign.

The 2019 season launched on November 25th, with the TBPS and Ontario Provincial Police teaming up on Dawson Road to announce that officers would be patrolling the streets and highways looking to remove impaired drivers and making the roads safer for all during the holiday season.


Within 36 hours of the launch, however, the TBPS had already netted its first impaired driver; a female was arrested for drug-impaired driving on Junot Avenue South. The following afternoon, an individual speeding in the vicinity of Boulevard Lake was arrested and charged for impaired operation by drugs.

In total, officers conducted over a dozen focused nighttime RIDE checkpoint programs, and members of the Traffic Unit conducted sobriety checks throughout the daytime, reminding motorists that impaired driving and the associated risks occur at all hours. As a result of their efforts, 26 individuals were arrested and charged with impaired operation, either by alcohol, drug, or both. In addition, 13 people were issued short-term licence suspensions for providing breath samples in the warning range. One person was issued a licence suspension for testing positive for drugs on approved drug screening equipment.

Novice and young drivers showed a marked increase in violation rates. Whereas in 2018, where only one such driver tested positive for alcohol or drug in any amount, seven novice and/or young drivers had their driving privileges suspended for three-day periods as a result of positive test results.


Other individuals charged were 15 suspended or prohibited drivers, 5 motorists for driving without automobile insurance, and 7 individuals either subject to arrest warrants or committing other criminal offences.

In total, it is estimated that officers interacted with nearly 1800 drivers this Festive RIDE season, and are pleased to report that the majority of drivers were doing so responsibly and with consideration for others sharing the roads.

The Service’s efforts at combating impaired driving in Thunder Bay does not end with the Festive RIDE season. The public is reminded that officers are always looking at removing dangerous drivers from our roadways. If you suspect someone to be an impaired driver, please call 911 and report this offence.

Source: TBPS


5 Replies to “RIDE Program Gets Numerous People”

  1. Rest assured that’s only a fraction of the piss tanks and druggers out there mixing it up with sober, responsible people.

    Kudos to the cops for doing what they can.

  2. Having lost two family members killed by a drunk driver I have absolutely no sympathy for any of these people. Thank you TBPS and OPP for your diligence and dedication to remove these potential killers from the city roads.

  3. Drive around westfort any day of the week and you will see morans driving around with an open beer or smoking a joint. But with one or two officer on in westfort it’s unfortunately a loosing battle.
    Good job our boys in blue!!!!

  4. Some selfish turds are just not getting the message about driving while impaired. Their is only one solution to this and that is mandatory jail time and hefty monetary fines for each conviction. Right now those sleezebags that are caught impaired just get simple fines, demerit points or their license revoked. Those penalities are useless cause those POS dont need a license to drive a car. They just go out put the key in and away they go. Easy peasy. There are more jacked up zombies driving around without insurance and and a valid licenses than you can imagine. Very scary but very true.

  5. I want to thank the thunder bay police for doing such a great job and putting so many hours in trying to get these drunks and crack heads off the roads,the police are not appreciated enough for all there hard work and the hours that they put in to try and keep the criminals off the streets,there always blamed for letting them go,its not them its these damn lawyers and prosecutor’s and judges that let them back on the street,I am so tired of hearing that the jail is too full,well god damn it stop building all these new hotels and condo’s and tare down that jail and build a new one,one perferably the size of the new court house,First of all the laws for drunk driving and driving while high are not strict enough,I say throw them in the slammer,take away there licence for 6 months and give them a 5000.00 fine,maybe they will think twice about getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks,They keep doing it cause they know they just get a slap on the wrist,This will never stop and people will keep getting killed until tougher laws come in affect.

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