Richard Belbas Arrested, Charged with More Fraud


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man who has become notorious in Thunder Bay after being charged with a large amount of fraud charges is, once again, facing numerous additional charges stemming from alleged fraudulent activities.
43-year-old Richard Belbas of Thunder Bay, Ontario is currently before the courts on three additional charges of fraud, one over $5000 and two under $5000 following complaints made to the Thunder Bay Police Service by citizens.
One of these counts involved allegations that Belbas was contracted by a local woman to pave his driveway. As far as TRCCTB.COM was able to find out, it doesn’t appear that Belbas owns any contracting equipment that would enable him to pave.
Three separate complainants came forward and he is charged with three counts stemming from three separate incidents. It appears that he has not stopped committing fraudulent activities.
Belbas was arrested on August 7th, 2019 and appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court on the morning of August 8th, 2019 where his charges were sworn before the courts. He was released. Belbas is still going through the courts for around 30 or more previous fraud charges.
Please, share this article and the images we have of Richard Belbas so that vulnerable citizens can make an informed decision on who to hire for their next home project. Belbas is known to change his appearance and in previous incidents it is said that he would have Kijiji ads using other, reputable contractors names but the phone number would lead to his cell phone or an email he created. It is best to be aware of what this man looks like. Please inform the elderly.
Please read the all the below articles for a history on Belbas, at least what we have managed to build up.


2 Replies to “Richard Belbas Arrested, Charged with More Fraud”

  1. This is proof of how truly pathetic our justice system really is.How can a low life with this many charges still be on the outside? What kind of a case could any lawyer possibly build in his defense? UNBELIEVABLE

  2. How many people will this scum be able to scam till he gets sentenced. It is absolutely disgusting how our judicial system works. They actually protect the criminal instead of the actual victim. If and when they do lock this lowlife up, they should throw away the key. Scum like this never learn their lesson

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